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Vanessa Rubio – Famous Actress

About Vanessa Rubio

Vanessa Rubio is a Colombian-American actress. She is most famous for portraying Carmen Diaz in the popular television series Cobra Kai.


December 6, 1983

Birth Place

New Jersey, USA

Zodiac Sign


Short biography

Vanessa was born in New Jersey, and both of her parents are from Bogota, Colombia. Vanessa is talented in many fields and is an established actor, writer, and director. She has also become an accomplished artist who paints in many mediums.

Vanessa has also appeared on the big screen in such notable films as How To Be Single (2016), The Hudson Tribes (2016), The Dark Rite (2016), as well as Liv & Josh (2010).

Around 2018, Vanessa got her most remembered role when she starred as Carmen Diaz, the main antagonist in the YouTube series Cobra Kai, a role which she also reprised in the subsequent second season of the show.
Vanessa had said that when she was little, her older brother was a massive fan of the original Karate Kid that aired in the 1980s, and she frequently watched it together with her brother.

Life before fame

Vanessa had a very active childhood and would frequently come home bruised and tired from all the playing outside. She was a fan of various sports, including football and basketball, and would often hang out with other boys in her yard and play with them.
When it came to her first on-screen debut, it came in 2007 when Vanessa was cast to appear in the short film JFH Brawl.

From there on out, Vanessa was noticed by other casting directors and offered roles left and right. She has stated that the short film really helped her kick-start her career as Vanessa didn’t have any prior acting experience and she hadn’t studied acting anywhere. When if she hadn’t studied it in school or taken any lessons, Vanessa was a natural when it came to acting.

Social media presence

Vanessa Rubio is very active on social media sites and has garnered a massive following on her social media profiles. She is most active on her Instagram account under the handle “veryvness”. Vanessa has really made a name for herself and has become a celebrity. Her Instagram account alone has over 319,000 followers, and it is only increasing at a drastic rate.

She is also very active with her posts on the platform and has almost 1000 posts to her name at the time of writing this article. She mostly uploads pictures of herself and selfies with her friends, as well as various promotional material for the upcoming season of Cobra Kai, which has received 4 Emmy nominations this year.

Family life

Vanessa likes to take some time off for herself every once in a while to recharge her batteries, and although she is mostly an extroverted person, she definitely needs a day or two of alone time every week.


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