Tina Ivlev – Famous Actress

Who is Tina Ivlev?

Originally from Russia, Tina Ivlev is an American actress who also provides voice-over work. Her talent and skills are mainly noticeable in thriller-horror projects. At first, she started as a model, yet she quickly engaged in acting. She made some brief appearances in some TV shows like CSI: New York and The Forgotten. However, the thirty-one-year-old actress is best known for her role in Bound to Vengeance. Her portrayal of Eve in the 2015 film was a huge milestone in her career, as her talents were finally apparent to the public. After that breakthrough, she got the opportunity to perform in other popular projects such as Deadtectives, Shameless, The Young, and The Restless, etc.


June 10, 1989

Birth Place

Moscow, Russia

Zodiac Sign


Her Early Life

Tina Ivlev was born and lived in Moscow, Russia. Ever since she was a child, she had an urge to do modeling. Eventually, Tina felt more inclined towards acting. Her beginning consisted mainly of a few minor roles. At the age of 19, she played a minor role in the series Weeds, then in Closer to God: Jessica’s Journey. Despite her beginnings, Tina persistently rose in the acting industry. She kept going on with minor roles until she got the chance to play the role of Jennifer in The Devil’s in Details. After a long route, her career started to appear promising after being noticed by several cast directors.

Her Personal Life

Tina is discrete when it comes to her personal life. She refused to disclose any detail related to her parents, her childhood, or her daily life. As far as we know, she has been in a relationship with Kip Calendine: a writer and a filmmaker. Some people claim that they are married, but Tina did not respond to any of the public’s questions.


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