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Susie Hariet – Famous Actress


Who is Susie Hariet?

Susie Hariet is a South African-born actress and singer. She is the wife of famous English actor Dan Stevens, best known for his appearance in Beauty and the Beast and Downtown Abbey. The couple met and married in England but now live together in the United States of America. 


December 22, 1975

Birth Place

South Africa

Zodiac Sign



Early life

Susie was born on December 22, 1975, in South Africa. She spent most of her early life in South Africa. People hardly know about her early life as she managed to keep her early life so private. She has always been an avid music lover. During her elementary school life, she overheard other girls singing and playing the guitar and piano. After getting enrolled in high school, she went one step further into music and learned how to play various musical instruments. She also took part in various school plays.

Professional Career

After completing her high school education, she opted for music professionally, and started her career as a musician, and became a jazz vocalist and singer. However, the turning point of her career was her relocation to England, where she continued her career as a jazz vocalist and singer. But she started getting fame over there. Moreover, she also started performing in theatres and soon became a singing teacher.

Alongside this, her mother, who was an actress, remained highly supportive in her journey towards becoming a musician.

Acting Career

Alongside her career as a musician, Susie Hariet also showcased her acting skills and ended up featuring in a few notable films such as Worth (2007), Forget Me Not (2010), and The Dark Room (2010). However, music always remained her first preference.

Relationship and Married life

Susie’s love life is pretty straightforward and perfect. She is married to Dan Stevens, who is a famous and talented English actor. The couple had their first interaction back in 2006 when they were both performing in various theatres in Sheffield, England. Both hanged out together during those days and dated for the next three consecutive years. Finally, in 2009, they got married.

The couple has three children together named Willow Stevens, born in 2009; Eden Stevens, born in 2016; and Aubrey Stevens, born in 2012. After their son’s birth, Dan Stevens and Susie Hariet relocated from London to New York back in 2012. They are now living in the Brooklyn Heights neighbourhood. The couple also spends most of their time in Johannesburg, South Africa. They consider South Africa as their second home.

Susie Hariet is seven years older than Dan Stevens, but their relationship has grown stronger with each passing since 2006. She has also contributed a lot to the success of her husband’s career by understanding and supporting him throughout all the ups and downs.


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