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Sprague Grayden – Famous Actress


Who is Sprague Grayden?

Sprague Grayden is an American actress. She is most famously known for her roles on the hit TV shows Jericho and 24.


July 21, 1980

Birth Place

Manchester By The Sea, MA, USA

Zodiac Sign


Life before fame

She began acting at a young age and appeared in the film Dad at only nine years old. After the role, she realized she wanted to become a professional actress and continued to pursue her career therefore on. Sprague is her mother’s maiden name. She graduated with a degree in American Studies from the esteemed Barnard College, where she studied in the drama department. In 2013 Sprague announced that she had married her 24 co-stars Alexis Cassar.

She has described herself as a science fiction geek and enjoys collecting Pez dispensers. Sprague was also an adamant supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders in the 2016 US presidential election.


Sprague has also appeared in two installments of the popular film TV series Paranormal Activity.

Family life and relationships

Sprague was the second child in her family, and she had a brother who unfortunately passed away in 1999.

This greatly impacted Sprague, and she was torn apart by it for two years before finally coming to terms with it. After some help from a grief counselor, her brother passed in an unfortunate falling accident. She is also married to the popular actor Lex Cassar, with whom she met on the set of Jericho. The couple has had a successful marriage and even welcomed their first-born son in September of 2014. They had their wedding ceremony in 2013, which was attended by friends and family.


Sprague Grayden shared the screen with the popular actress Katey Sagal in a recurring role in the popular TV series Sons of Anarchy. The actresses became good friends offscreen and have continued to stay in touch years after the series filming wrapped up.

In 2009 USA Today called Sprague “one of TV’s most captivating young actresses.” Her other theatrical credits include such productions as Hopscotch: The New York Sex Comedy, Sam Shepard’s Fool for Love, Hamlet, Eve Ensler’s The Vaina Monologues, Ordinary Day, and Clifford Odets’ Waiting for Lefty. In 2006 she was cast to star as Heather Lisinski in the popular cult classic post-apocalypse drama series Jericho, where she played the lead role in the show.

Her other notable roles

This includes Donna Winston in the outlaw biker series Sons of Anarchy (American action crime drama television series created by Kurt Stutter that aired from 2008 until 2014. Some of Sprague’s other roles include Denise in Weeds (2007), Susan McCullough in Private Practice (2007), CSI: Miami, Three Rivers, Drop Dead Diva, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Law & Order: LA, House, Grey’s Anatomy, Touch, Low Winter Sun, The Following, True Detective, Rosewood, Lethal Weapon, NCIS: New Orleans, Just Add Magic, and The Fix.


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