Simbi Kali – Famous Actress and Singer

Who is Simbi Kali?

Simbi Kali, whose full name is Simbi Kali Williams, is an American singer and actress. She is best known for her roles as Nina Campbell on NBC’s sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun, as well as the character of Amanda in the video game Detroit: Become Human.
Simbi has been a relatively busy actress and has been versatile in her work, not only acting on screen but also providing voiceovers as she did for the video game Guild Wars Nightfall, where she portrayed the character, Varesh Ossa.
Her credits also don’t stop there. She was also included in the television show Martin, as well as such feature films as A Thin Line Between Love and Hate, Plump Fiction, and Vampire in Brooklyn. Simbi has also appeared on stage, having performed in such plays as For Colored Girls…, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Troilus and Cressida, and Colored Museum.


April 28, 1971

Birth Place

Jackson, MS, United States

Zodiac Sign


Her early life and upbringing

Kali was born in the city of Jackson, in the state of Mississippi. She is the youngest in her family. Simbi grew up in a big home, having as many as four sisters and two brothers. When she was only two years old, Kali’s family decided to move to Chicago’s South Side. Not long after moving there, Simbi decided to start singing, which she was talented and successful with from a very young age.
Later on, she grew more and more interested in theater, so she went to Chicago’s ETA Creative Arts Foundation. There at the age of fifteen, she went to live in Alabama where her sisters, Hamidah Elmore, had moved at the time, and after experiencing her first “rush while onstage performing,” the high school talent show left her feeling like she had found her calling which was acting.
Later on, in her junior and senior years in high school, Simbi moved from Alabama to Washington, DC, where she moved in with her mother, Amerah Shabazz. She then proceeded to transfer to the Duke Ellington School of the Arts, where she was adamant about becoming an actress. Simbi won admission to the California Institute of the Arts and managed to graduate in 1993 with an acting degree.


During her senior year at Cal Arts, Simbi was spotted by a talent agent who proceeded to sign her. That very summer, she got to perform as part of a Ben & Jerry’s troupe that consisted of them visiting hospitals and other charities, passing samples of ice cream to people in need. The job paid well and gave her enough time to audition for other roles. That is when she landed her breakthrough role in FOX sitcom Martin.

Personal life

Simbi was married to actor Cress Williams in 1994 but sadly divorced in 2011. They are still good friends. She also has two children together with her ex-husband, Elijah Kali Thomas Williams (born July 20, 2004), and her daughter Amika Kali Williams (who was born on August 13, 2007).

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