Samantha Ferris – Famous Actress

Who is Samantha Ferris?

Samantha Ferris is a Canadian actress. She is probably most famous for her role as Nina Jarvis in the popular CBS science fiction television series The 4400, as well as for her recurring role as Ellen Harvelle in the American television series Supernatural.


November 2, 1968

Birth Place

Vancouver, Canada

Zodiac Sign


Her life before fame:

Although Samantha wanted to become an actress from an early age, she started out by being a television reporter for the Bellingham, Washinton station KVOS-TV 12 and Vancouver’s BCTV station, and only got her first role after a few years of working there, while she was a television reporter she went by the name Janie Ferris before that Samantha was also a radio announcer on her local radiostation.

Her career

Samantha’s father sadly passed away when she was still working as a television reporter. After that, she changed her career and focused more on being an actress. She’s had plenty of supporting roles, as well as lead roles. Some of her notable appearances have also included playing Sandra Cassandra on the American comedy-drama series Beggars and Choosers. She also played Lt. Alexa Brenner on The Evidence, which was critically praised. Some of her other roles have included that of deckhand Pollux in Battlestar Galactica (Episode Dirty Hands). She also appeared in Human Target as Deputy Director Lynch in the episode Baptiste, as well as playing Diana Morgan on Seven Deadly Sins in the episode “1.2”. Later on in her career, she appeared as Hazel Hillburn in the television series Smart Cookies. She also played Marian Camphill in Emily Owens, M.D. (appearing in the episode The Love of Larping”.

Some of her more recent roles have included playing Annie Ward in Newlywed and Dead, Capt. Forsyth in Death Al Dente: A Gourmet Detective Mystery, Paula in The Irresistible Blueberry Farm, and Looks Like Christmas (2016).
In 2017 she appeared as Capt. Kendra Sarneau in Somewhere Between, as well as playing Linda Shapiro in Hit the Road. She also reprised her role as Capt. Forsyth in Eat, Drink & Be Buried: A Gourmet Detective Mystery.

In 2018 she appeared in Six as Kate Kilcannon and had a recurring role on the show. She was also seen in an episode of Garage Sale Mystery: The Mask Murder as Michelle and played Director Evelyn Davis in Salvation.


Samantha Ferris has also lent her voice. In addition to appearing on screen, she was Sally Po in the popular anime Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.

She lived with her parents in North Vancouver, British Columbia, until the age of 19.

Samantha is undoubtedly a talented actress, and we can’t wait to see more of her in the future, wishing her the best moving forward.



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