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Reina Hardesty – Famous Actress

Reina Hardesty

Reina Hardesty is an American actress and is most famously known for her roles in CW’s superhero television series The Flash (2014), as well as appearing in Brockmire (2017), and StartUp (2016).


January 4, 1996

Birth Place

United States

Zodiac Sign


Life before fame and early years

Reina Hardesty grew up in Orange Country, California. She knew that acting is something she is passionate about from a very young age, often acting in front of her parents from as early as 5 years old.
Reina was born in Orange County, California; she is the daughter of Manako Ihaya, she is Japanese, and her father’s name is Greg Hardesty, he’s American.
Reina began her professional acting career at the age of 19, when she appeared in the 2015 television series “Yes, Doctor …?”. This catapulted her career into newfound heights. From there on, she also took on the job of a camera operator, as she’s always been interested in cinematography, in addition to acting. She worked behind the camera from 2015 to 2016 in three short films, in which she was also a part of the cast. Then from 2017 to 2018, Reina portrayed Weather Witch in the massively popular superhero TV series The Flash. After appearing on The Flash, Reina was also asked to reprise her role as Weather Witch on the other superhero spin-offs series, Legends of Tomorrow, where she appeared in 3 episodes. She also got to reenact her role once again in the TV special Crisis on Infinite Earths, which was a crossover special featuring characters from such TV shows as Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow.
Reina has also been an integral part of the Netflix Original Greenhouse Academy, where she appeared as Aspen Fairchild in 14 episodes in 2018. Later on, she was also cast as Stella Namura on the television series StartUp.

Her ties with video gaming and role in the Far Cry series

After her successful debut in The Flash, Reina was approached by the video game developer Ubisoft, inviting her to lend her voice in their massive upcoming first-person shooter Far Cry New Dawn, which she gladly accepted. Reina has said that she is a light gamer herself and enjoys strategy games, as well as adventure games.
Reina is active on her social media accounts, and her Instagram page has more than 75k followers to this day. Her motto on her Instagram page is “Be kind.” and she’s been vocal about trying to stop the spread of violence as much as possible. More recently, Reina has appeared in such TV shows as Wild Boar (2019), All Rise (2020), Brockmire (2020), as well as the 2020 short film Oh, Sorry.
Reina has said she would like to also return to cinematography in later years and enjoys working behind the camera just as much as she likes to appear in front of it.


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