Rebecca Rigg – Famous Actress

About Rebecca in a nutshell

Rebecca Rigg is an Australian actress. She is most well known for her roles as Tilly in the 1980 film Fatty Finn, as well as playing Sam in the 2001 and 2005 renditions of the movie Ellie Parker.


December 31, 1967

Birth Place

Sydney, Australia

Zodiac Sign


Her early life and career

Rebecca has made many Australian television appearances throughout the years, including the television series Rafferty’s Rules (in which she was playing the daughter of the Magistrate, Michael Rafferty. She has also appeared in ABC’s movies Come in Spinner, Joh’s Jury, and Naked. Besides that, she has tried her comedy acting skills in the Australian comedy television series Willing and Abel, where she played the character of Angela Reddy.

Her younger years

One of Rebecca’s first roles was playing a young girl in the Australian film Fortress, which centered around the kidnapping of a teacher, who was played by Rachel Wards, and a small class of her students. Early on, she also appeared in the T.V. miniseries Emma: Queen of the South Seas. Apart from that, she has made plentiful guest appearances in other Australian based television series, including Winners – Quest beyond Time, Blue Heelers, The Flying Doctors, and G.P. Rebecca’s most famous role that catapulted her into stardom was playing the rebellious teenager “Gabe” in the now-classic Australian soap opera series “A Country Practice” which ran in the early 1980s.
Rigg’s has also acted in America, where she appeared in the series Michael Hayes, where she had a recurring role playing the United States, Attorney Lindsay Straus, she also played Kelly Newman in L.A. Doctors, as well as having a small role in the movie Jerry Maguire (starring alongside Tom Cruise).

Personal life and family

Rebecca Rigg’s met her husband, Simon Baker (who is a fellow Australian actor, having starred in such series as The Mentalist, Patrick Jane, and the Guardian) back in 1992, and the two decided to get married in 1998 after having known each other for five years. They have three children together, Claude, Harry, and Stella. They decided to move to Los Angeles back in 1996 but decided to return to Sydney in 2005, only to reconsider and go back to living in the United States a few years after. After Rebecca’s youngest son was born, she decided to retire from acting to have more time to spend with her kids. Since retiring, she has starred alongside her husband in The Mentalist episode “A Dozen Red Roses.” Rigg is close with other fellow actresses, such as Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts. They are so close that both of them are godmothers to Rebecca’s children Stella and Harry.
Sadly her relationship with Simon fell apart in April 2020, and they’ve officially been separated ever since. Rigg has said that they are still friends, and they will try to make it work along the way.


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