Patricia McPherson – Famous Actress

Who is Patricia McPherson?

Patricia McPherson is an American actress. Patricia gained worldwide fame after appearing as the mechanic Bonnie Barstow on the cult classic TV series airing on NBC – Knight Rider. Some other notable guest appearances also include Matlock, Warehouse 13, and Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Patricia is also an activist. She’s been a part of many good causes throughout the years and has stated that she’d like to make a positive impact in this world.


November 27, 1954

Birth Place

Washington, United States

Zodiac Sign


Her early life before fame

McPherson was born in Oak Harbor, Washinton; her mother was a naval officer. Patricia went to the San Diego State University, which she graduated from with excellent grades in 1971 and was a good student, getting a degree in advertising.

How her career began

Patricia McPherson initially made her acting debut, appearing on various guest appearances for a variety of television shows. Some of the more memorable appearances she had were on such TV shows as Starman, She Wrote, MacGyver, Matlock, Dynasty, and Star Trek: The Next generation. Although McPherson officially retired from acting way back in 1991, she has since made a couple of cameo appearances, most notably appearing as Regent in Syfy’s television series Warehouse 13, which came out in 2009. But apart from a selection from appearances, Patricia has stated in interviews recently that she has absolutely no desire to return to acting at any point in the future. However, she had made a few exceptions when it came to events related to Knight Rider that Patricia admitted to attending over the years, but other than that, she’d definitely closed the act the part of her life and wants to continue her everyday job as an advertiser.

Iconic role in Knight Rider

It’s without a doubt that Patricia McPherson is best remembered by her memorable role-playing Bonnie Barstow, the mechanic for KITT (the self-driving vehicle that the TV series Knight Riders main protagonist uses), she was known nationwide throughout the 1980s for the role and starred in every season of the show, only not being seen for a short period at the end of season 2, but promptly coming back the very next season, Patricia reprised her role as Bonnie Barstow until the very end of the series in 1986.

Personal life and relationship

After retiring from acting in 1990, McPherson decided that she wanted to pursue her wildlife conservation hobby and save both animals and forests; she has put a lot of time and effort over the years in an attempt to help preserve the Ballona Wetlands located in southern California, as well as working at the Ballona Wetlands Trust to sue the Playa Vista community for their failure to take appropriate action concerning methane.
Patricia is happily married to her husband, James Garrett, for over 35 years at this point.


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