Michelle Morgan – Famous Actress

Who is Michelle Morgan?

Michelle Morgan is a Canadian actress. Her best-known role was on Heartland.


July 16, 1981


Calgary, Canada



Personal Life

Morgan grew up in Toronto and Vancouver and attended the University of Toronto, where she studied Theatre and Classical Literature.

In 2012, the actress married Derek Tisdelle. They have three kids together.


Professional Life

In 2007, Morgan was cast as Lou in the series Heartland from CBC. She has continued to play this character throughout the years, appearing in over 200 episodes. This would become one of her most iconic roles. In 2007 as well, she was in Diary of the Dead.

In 2008, the actress was in Stargate Atlantis, portraying FRAN/Friendly Replicator Android for two episodes.

In regards to film, Morgan debuted in Diary of the Dead, followed by more work, although she also had a role in 1999’s Road Rage, a television film. In 2007, she was in Fire Serpent. In 2008, she was in Confessions of a Porn Addict. In 2010, she appeared in A Heartland Christmas. In 2011, she was in Dominant Gene and served as an executive producer for The Imposter. In 2016, she appeared in Palki, followed by Ice Blue in 2017 and Deep Space in 2018. 2016 also saw her in The Rooftop Christmas Tree, followed by While You Were Dating and A Very Country Christmas the next year. In 2021, she was in Gone Mom.

In 2017, Morgan released her first short film Mi Madre, My Father, starring Stephen Amell. It was chosen for the Not Short On Talent Corner by Telefilm Canada when it was featured during 2018’s Cannes Film Festival. This short was also screened at Hollyshorts, the Brooklyn Women’s Film Festival, and the Vancouver Short Film Festival.

In 2018, she founded Medano Films, a company focused on film and entertainment. In 2019, she directed three episodes of Hudson, a spin-off of Heartland. The same year, she released her second short film, Save Yourself.

In 2020, Michelle Morgan was chosen for the Women in the Director’s Chair, Story & Leadership Program to work on her feature film, The Plains. The Plains was a proposed post-apocalyptic western.

On television, she was in Die Patriatchin in 2005, in Final 24 in 2006, Across the River to Motor City in 2007, The L Word in 2008, Bunny Hug in 2010, Package Deal in 2013, Supernatural in 2015, The Good Doctor in 2018, and more. In addition, she was cast as Gabi Kane in Batwoman, airing between 2019 and 2020. In 2018, the actress was in Deep Six as part of the main cast. In 2018 she also reprised her role as Lou for Hudson.


The actress is an outspoken advocate for women’s rights and has worked as a campaign ambassador for the Brenda Strafford Centre for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and My Homefront, services focused on preventing domestic abuse and serving the victims. Morgan has also volunteered in shelters across Canada for over fifteen years and running.

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