Maisie Williams – Famous Actress

Who is Maisie Williams?

Maisie Williams is an English actress best known for her role as Arya Stark, which was her debut role as well. She has also appeared on Doctor Who and other series and films.


15 April 1997


Bristol, England



Personal Life

Her full name is Margaret Constance Williams. In 2019, she started dating Reuben Selby.

Professional Life

Maisie Williams debuted as an actress as Arya Stark. She received wide acclaim for her performance and many accolades. Her character became a pop culture icon.

In 2014, Williams had her first feature film role in The Falling. In addition, she appeared in Mary Shelley, Early Man (an animated film for which she provided voice acting), and other films.

In 2018, she appeared in Then Came You. In 2020, Williams starred in The New Mutants, a horror superhero film, and in The Owners.

She appeared on Doctor Who in a recurring role in 2015. The same year she was in Cyberbully, another British production. In 2017, she starred in iBoy, a sci-fi thriller.

2018 had Williams debut on the stage with I and You at the Hampstead Theater in London.

Starting in 2019, Williams has been voicing Cammie on Gen: Lock, an animated web series.

In 2020, she was in Two Weeks to Live, a dramatic action-comedy. Williams was cast as Jordan in the biopic series Pistol for FX.

In addition to her roles, Williams has moonlighted as an Internet entrepreneur. She developed and co-launched Daisie, an app that was meant to bring artists and creators together and facilitate networking. In 2020, Williams served as a Creative Strategist and Advisor for Contact, a platform for connecting models, actors, and other creatives with casting opportunities, bypassing agencies.

In 2016, she set up Daisy Chain Productions, later to be followed by Pint-Sized Pictures. She is also part of the production company Rapt that is producing Salvation Has No Name.

In 2019, Williams did a Tedx talk in Manchester on the pursuit of talent rather than fame, something that she believes to be essential for success. She presented Daisie during the talk as an alternative to more traditional means of networking in creative industries.


Williams started acting in Game of Thrones before she was truly allowed to watch the series by her parents due to the violence and nudity associated with the show. However, despite the lack of experience, her performance was widely acclaimed.

She started dancing when young and does musical theater, ballet, pointe, tap, street, freestyle, and even gymnastics. She fell in love with dancing before she loved acting.

Maisie has appeared in several music videos, such as Sing by Pentatonix, Miracle by Madeon, and others.

The actress has been recognized for her keen fashion sense and unique clothing and style.

Maisie Williams has received several awards and nominations for her performance as Arya Stark. The character became iconic enough that the name Arya became one of the most popular girls’ names in the US, growing in popularity more than any others.


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