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About Lisa Ryder

Lisa Ryder is a Canadian actress. Lisa is most famously known for portraying the role of Beka Valentine on Andromeda (a Canadian-American science fiction television series running from October 2, 2000, until the series finale on May 13, 2005.).


October 26, 1970

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Her early life and career beginnings

Lisa Ryder was born in the town of Edmonton, Alberta county. She attended the University of Toronto, where she decided that she’ll learn acting. Lisa formed her own local theatre group, named the Bald Ego Productions, which she formed whilst living in Toronto, shortly after graduating. This landed Lisa her first role in television in the mid-1990s. Ryder has starred in many theatre plays, including such productions as “Put Me Away,” a show about a single woman that Lisa herself wrote. Then she also gained a respectable fan following by portraying Detective Tracy Vetter on the vampire drama series Forever Knight which ran from 1995 to 1996, and a few years later, she was cast in her most famous role as Beka Valentine on the cult classic space TV series Andromeda (2000); After airing for exactly 110 episodes, the series ended in 2005. Lisa has also co-starred as an android named Kay-Em 14 in the 2001 film Jason X. What’s notable is that her fellow colleague actress from the Andromeda series, Lexa Doig, also starred along with her in a variety of role reversal.

Lisa’s guest appearances

Lisa Ryder has also appeared as a guest on many instances, such as being in Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal (1996-2000), Wind at My Back (1996-2001), Kung-Fu: The Legend Continues (2003), Total Recall (1999), and Gene Roddenberry’s Earth: Final Conflict.
She also had a recurring role on The Newsroom (a Canadian television comedy-drama series that ran from 1996-97, 2004-04, and 2004-05 on CBC).
Lisa has also been a producer and starred in her film titled SF Seeks, featuring other established actors such as Gordon Michael, Michael Shanks, Keith Hamilton Cobb, Lexa Doig, and Woolvett.

Appearance in Television Commercials

Lisa Ryder has also appeared in various television commercials, most notably in a laundry detergent commercial for “Cheer” in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

What has she starred in more recently?

If we look at what Lisa has been in recently, then we can’t look past the play that she was in, which received praise from the critics. The play is titled Ryder’s play A Blow in the Face. It premiered on Nightwood Theatre and Bald Ego Theatre in Toronto, Ontario, in late 2019. Lisa has stated that the play was inspired by her own personal experiences with dealing with postpartum depression after the birth of her first daughter. At the premiere, Lisa Ryder played the roofer “Cloudy.”

Life before acting and marriage

Lisa was a ballet dancer from a very young age and started to study acting at the University of Toronto.
She is happily married to actor Ari Cohen.

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