Lindsay Lohan – Famous Actress

Who is Lindsay Lohan?

She is an American actress who rose to prominence as a child star and later transitioned to a more adult career. She is best remembered for roles in Mean Girls, The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, and others.


2 July 1986

Birth Place

New York City, the United States of America

Zodiac Sign


Personal Life

Lindsay Lohan has Italian and Irish heritage. Her siblings are also in the entertainment industry.

Professional Life

Lohan started her career when she was three, first appearing as a child model and in commercials, with over 60 appearances overall. At age 10, she played a role on Another World and a year later got the leading role in The Parent Trap, a remake made by Disney. The film received positive reviews, and Lohan was praised for her debut, as she had to play the role of two twins with distinct personalities. Lohan appeared in Life-Size and Get a Clue in 2000 and 2002, respectively, and in 2003, in the remake of Freaky Friday alongside Jamie Lee Curtis, and she was also praised for her performance in the film playing a body-switched adult woman in a teen’s body.

Lohan also started a music career, recording songs for her films, such as four songs featured on the soundtrack for Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and other Disney films. Her debut album Speak came out in 2004, selling over a million units, but it received negative reviews despite its commercial success. In 2004, Lohan starred in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and Mean Girls, her first role outside of Disney. Mean Girls proved to be an iconic comedy that received a lot of praise and commercial success, propelling Lohan to new heights of fame.

In 2005, she starred in Herbie: Fully Loaded and released her second album, A Little More Personal (Raw), which received Gold certification. Just My Luck was her next film, coming out in 2006 to a lot less success than expected. After this, the actress tried her hand at independent and serious films, sharing the screen with actresses like Sharon Stone and Jane Fonda. 2007 saw the actress entering rehab and shooting I Know Who Killed Me simultaneously. However, the film failed. In 2008, she was on Ugly Betty and Labor Pains. In 2010, she was in Machete in a controversial role. After that, she appeared in various films to mixed reviews concerning her performance.

In 2014, she debuted on stage in Speed-the-Plow. 2018 saw the release of Among the Shadows. The actress also opened her first nightclub in Greece, which others would follow. Lohan appeared in Sick Note. In 2019, she signed with Casablanca Records for her third album. The first single came out in 2020. In addition, Lohan announced various upcoming films, including a Netflix romantic comedy.


The actress and singer’s career has been interrupted by legal and personal issues on several occasions.

Lohan is working on a comeback as a musician and an actress, working on her third album after several years.

Lohan has released her fashion lines and opened several clubs in Greece.


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