Krista Marie Yu – Famous Actress

Who is Krista Marie Yu?

Krista Marie Yu is an American actress who has appeared in a wide variety of television roles throughout her career. She is most famous for playing the main role in the ABC family sitcom Dr. Ken (An American multi-camera sitcom that aired from 2015 until 2017), where Krista played Molly Park throughout the duration of the series. She was also announced to appear as a recurring character on Fox’s Season 7 of Last Man Standing (An American sitcom that began airing in 2018). Later on, in 2019, Krista Marie Yu was promoted to a series regular. She’s been playing the character, Jen.


October 25, 1988

Birth Place

Berkeley, CA, USA

Zodiac Sign


Early life and how she became famous

Krista Yu was born in Berkeley, California, although her IMDB page actually falsely lists her birthplace as Alameda, CA. She’s a fifth-generation Chinese-American. Krista Yu also started to take ballet lessons at the tender age of just three years old but ultimately decided not to pursue the profession in her adult life.

Krista Yu went to Carnegie Mellon University, where she studied acting and got her graduate degree in 2011. She was also really passionate about ice skating when growing up and even aspired to become an Olympian, sadly that didn’t come to fruition, but she did ultimately perform as part of a song-and-dance troupe called “Showbiz.”

How her career started

Krista Yu began her career when she appeared on the television series The Thundercats, where she played Ashley for three episodes. Following that, Krista also appeared in the American family drama television series Switched at Birth, where she played Colette in the episode “Mother and Child Divided.” She has also starred in the hit TV show Agent Carter (Playing Edith Oberon in the episode “A Sin to Err.” Krista also played a major role in the Corridor Digital web series Sync, which was well-received by critics. She also appeared in WongFu Productions web series Just Another Nice Guy, where she played Julia (being a part of the main cast).

In more recent years, she has appeared in Dr. Ken, a 2015 sitcom series, where Krista Yu played Molly, the daughter of the lead role of Ken Jeong. Her most recent appearance has been in the 2021 television series Carmen Sandiego, where Krista Yu played Xifeng in the episode “The Beijing Bullion Caper.” The talented actress has had many roles until now, and she doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon, having been actively acting for more than a decade by this point.

Relationship status

Krista Marie Yu hasn’t publically revealed whether she is in a relationship at this point, but by the looks of it, she appears to be single, having had a short relationship with the singer Justin Lagu back in 2019, the couple split up after being together for just over six months but have remained good friends.


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