Katharine Isabelle – Famous Actress

Katharine Isabelle is a Canadian actress. She has been called as a ‘scream queen’ because of her roles in multiple horror films. She started with her acting career in the year 1989, by starting with a cameo role in the television series MacGyver. She became famous for Ginger Fitzgerald’s role in the movies: 

Ginger Snaps

Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed

Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning


November 2, 1981


Vancouver, Canada



Early Start

She was born in Vancouver. She started acting very early with small parts in Cold Front, Cousins, and MacGyver.


In 2003, Isabelle caught a viral infection that caused her lung to collapse and kidney failure. She fell into a coma and then had to be treated with a ventilator. Isabelle revealed this with her fans in 2020 on her Instagram account.

Originally, she had auditioned for the role of Lori in the film Freddy vs. Jason. Instead of that role, The director asked her to play Gibb. She accepted the role but was unaware that the role required a nude scene, so the nude scene was performed by a body double.

She has more than 106,000 followers on her Instagram!


Family Life

She is the daughter of Graeme Murray, who created special effects for the television series The X-Files. Her sister is Joshua Murray, a child actor-turned-journalist. She is a dog lover and has two dogs, Spaghetti and Apple. 


She has won several awards throughout her career including Best Actress for American Mary.


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