Julie McNiven – Famous Actress

Who is Julie McNiven?

Julie McNiven is an American actress and singer. She is best known for her recurring roles in Mad Men, Supernatural, and Stargate Universe.


October 11, 1980

Birth Place

Amherst, Massachusetts, the United States

Zodiac Sign


Personal Life

Julie McNiven studied swinging trapeze when she was a teen and attended various prestigious programs focused on performing, such as Circle in the Square. She graduated from Salem State University.

In 2010, Julie married Michael Blackman Beck. They have a son together named Tasman Scott.

Professional life

Julie McNiven got her professional start in community theatre. Eventually, she transitioned to movies, and T.V. She has been part of around 20 films. Her latest film role was as A Date by Christmas Eve in 2020; a made for T.V. movie.

In regards to T.V. roles, Julie’s most recognized parts were as follows. One was Anna Milton, a prophet with a mysterious identity, eventually revealed to be an angel, in Supernatural, the hit T.V. show that ran for 15 seasons. Anna appeared in 6 episodes and left a huge impact on the story of the show. Supernatural is about two brothers who faced supernatural threats, including angels and demons, with complicated mythology and an extensive story, years in the making.

Her other signature role was as Hildy in Mad Men. She played the role of the secretary of Pete and was a recurring character. She appeared in 20 episodes. Mad Men was a critically acclaimed period drama focusing on the corrupt and powerful advertisers in a New York agency. The show lasted for seven seasons and had 92 episodes. This allowed her to be part of one of the most acclaimed shows of the modern age.

Julie McNiven was also in Stargate Universe as Ginn. She was in 8 episodes in this classic sci-fi show as a scientist. To add to her geek cred, she also had a recurring role in Doom Patrol as Sheryl Trainor.

In addition to this, Julie was in Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Desperate Housewives, Fringe, Nikita, House, Hawaii Five-O, NCIS, and NCIS: Los Angeles, Rizzoli & Isles, Code Black, The Night Shift, and more. Her latest role was in Gods of Medicine as Sarah Foster.

She gave her voice to the L.A. Noire, a popular video game, where she played the role of Ruth Douglas.


Julie McNiven has been in quite a few fantastic shows, scoring important roles in Supernatural and Stargate: Universe. She was also in Fringe and other popular shows, giving her a strong reputation as a geek icon, especially thanks to her role as an angel.

Julie studied the trapeze at the French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts.

She lives in New York.

Julie McNiven was a stand-in and photo double for Lindsay Lohan in Just My Luck and Chapter 27.

Her husband, Michael Blackman Beck, is also an actor. He was on Supernatural like Julie and other shows like C.S.I.


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