Julie Condra – Famous Actress

Who is Julie Condra?

Julie Condra is an American actress. She is probably best remembered for portraying teen dream Madeleine Adams on the popular TV series The Wonder Years, as well as appearing in such classic TV series as Walker, Texas Ranger, and Crying Freeman.


December 1, 1970

Birth Place

Ballinger, TX

Zodiac Sign


Life before fame

Julie Condra knew she wanted to be an actress in some way from a very early age. She used to imitate actors that she saw on television shows, and movies and her parents quickly realized she had the natural talent to act, as well as the wish to do so. Julie became a professional actress when she first appeared on the local San Antonio TV commercials when she was just nine years old.

Julie was born in Winters, Texas, and lived there until she was 9. Afterward, her family moved to San Antonio, Texas. After her first appearance in a few of the local TV commercials, Julie was also a model.
She was even crowned as Miss Texas Teen at the age of 14 after she began her acting career. It wasn’t long before Julie decided to move to Los Angeles, and she managed to do so after turning 16. Julie quickly started landing important roles in TV series and movies after making a move.

Her acting career

Her first appearance on a television show was in 1987 when she appeared in “Who’s the Boss?” as well as Hogan Family. In 1988 she was seen in Aaron’s Way, and in 1990 Julie appeared in Parker Lewis.
The nineties were very important years for Julie’s career ash she had numerous breakthrough roles. First of which was playing Madeline Adams on The Wonders Years from 1990-1991. Later on, in 1991, she appeared in Eerie, Indiana. “Married… With Children” was the next big appearance for Julie when she portrayed Crystal Brooks. She was also in Weird Science (1994) and “Walker, Texas Ranger” in 1996.

Her movie roles

Julie’s first movie appearance came in 1995 when she was cast as Emu O’Hara in the popular Adventure mystery thriller “Crying Freeman.” This gave her even more recognition, and she was quickly offered numerous roles in other movies. The very same year, she also appeared in MIxed Blessings as Barbara Elizabeth Chandler, then in 1999, she starred as Dr. Barbara Collier in “Screw Loose,” as well as portraying Cindy Landon in “Michael Landon, the Father I Knew In the year 2000, she was cast as Ruby in “A Tale of Two Bunnies.” 2001 was the breakout year for Julie regarding her recognition as she appeared in Road to redemption as Amanda Tucker, and her portrayal of the character was critically praised.

Her most recent roles have included 2019s The Driver (appearing as Sharon), as well as One Night in Bangkok, where she played Ms. Davies (2020).

Family life

Julie is happily married to fellow actor Mark Dacascos.


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