Julia Benson – Famous Actress

Who Is Julia Benson?

Julia Benson is an American actress who has appeared in numerous films. You might recognize her as Vanessa James from the science fiction series Stargate Universe. She won the 2010 Leo Award for best supporting female performance in a dramatic series. She appeared in numerous American movies as well and is admired by many people for her stunning looks and impeccable acting skills.


June 29, 1979

Birth Place

Winnipeg, Canada

Zodiac Sign


Early Life & Education

Julia Benson was born on June 29, 1979, in Winnipeg, Canada. She became a part of many American projects, but her nationality is Canadian. She doesn’t talk a lot about her family on media. However, she has four sisters and one brother.

From a very age, she had a knack for dancing. When Julia was six, her parents noticed her interest in dancing and enrolled her in different dance classes. She mastered various dance types like ballet, jazz, and tap dance. In 2001, she graduated from the University of British Colombia in Vancouver with a bachelor’s in psychology and theatrical art. Julia always wanted to associate herself with the acting industry. After graduating, she joined the Atlantic Theatre Company to improve her theater skills.

Julia Benson’s Rise to Stardom

Julia Benson started her acting career by appearing in guest roles in numerous TV series. Her first-ever screen appearance was as Tara in the TV series Tru Calling. She also worked on projects like The Dead Zone, Strange Atlantis, and Master of Horror. She appeared in minor roles until 2009 when she was given a big breakthrough in her portrayal of Vanessa James. Her role in Stargate Universe became the first step on the ladder of success and appreciation.

Following her widely appreciated performance in various TV series, she started to appear in movies as well. Some of her most popular Television films include A Bramble House Christmas, Earth’s Final Hour, and Lying to Be Perfect. In 2019, she was cast in a film called Aurora’s Teagarden Mysteries, which caught a considerable amount of attention from the audience and critiques. Other than being the face of the camera, she also worked behind the curtains as a writer and post-production member.

Julia Benson’s Personal Life

Julia is happily married to her charming long-term boyfriend, Peter Benson. Peter is also familiar with the acting industry and appeared in Aurora Teagarden Mystery, Hell on Wheels, and A Bundle of Trouble. Julia and peter dated for almost four years before tying the knot of marriage. The couple got married on August 8, 2009. After four years of marriage, Julia and peter welcomed an addition to their family in 2013. The couple also started their production house and released their first film in 2014.

Julia likes to keep her professional and personal life well-balanced. She believes that balance is what keeps your life on track to success. When she is not working, Julia likes to hike, lift weights, and do yoga. She likes to keep herself healthy, and she also encourages other people to lead a healthy life by maintaining balance and perfection.


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