Jill Flint – Famous Actress

Who is Jill Flint?

Jill Flint is an American television and film actress.
She is best known for her amazing portrayal of Jill Casey in the TV series Royal Pains, which ran on the USA Network, as well as playing the beloved character of Lana Delaney on CBS’s critically acclaimed series The Good Wife.
Jill Flint has also played plenty of lead characters throughout the years, and one of the more prominent ones would be portraying Dr. Jordan Alexander in the NBC’s medical drama called The Night Shift, as well as a recurring character on TV series Bull where she played the jury consultant Diana Lindsay. She is also active on Instagram, with over 50,000 followers on her account.


November 25, 1977

Birth Place

Cherry Valley, NY, United States

Zodiac Sign


Personal life and life before fame for Jill

Jill was born in the small town in Cherry Valley, located in New York. She grew up liking acting as a child and decided to pursue her goal when she became older. Later on in her life, Jill moved from Cherry Valley to Brooklyn, where she has been living for most of her adult life.
Jill began acting when she was 27 years old, which some might think is a bit too late to get into acting, but that didn’t stop her from landing great roles and nailing the performance for them. Her first breakout role was in the 2004’s Garden State, where she was credited as playing “an obnoxious girl,” this role catapulted Jill into stardom, and she hasn’t looked back since. She was also seen alongside Beyonce Knowles in the 2008 film by the name of Cadillac Records, which she has stated was one of her favorite movies to shoot as the on-set chemistry between the cast members was something truly special, and she has said that if there was a probability that a sequel is made she would more than certainly like to be a part of it.

Family Life for Jill Flint

An interesting fact about Jill’s family is that she not only has a brother, but her brother and her father are into racer driving. They’re both professional racecar drivers, so it looks like the Flint family has a certain need for speed that runs in their blood. Although Jill doesn’t enjoy racing to the extent of her other family members, she still decided that she wants to get behind the wheel at least and finally got her driver’s license in 2013. Regarding her love life, Jill is happily married to her husband, Drew Conrad. They had a wonderful ceremony, and she’s been vocal about how happy he makes her feel.

She said in the past that she is very hypercritical of her own acting performances and tends to dislike viewing them. It’s uncomfortable for her to be seeing her own performance onscreen. This is why she dislikes watching any of her movies or episodes that she has starred in with people that she knows, which is understandable.


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