Jessica Napier – Famous Actress

Who is Jessica Napier?

Jessica Napier is a New Zealand actress based in Australia. She is probably most recognized for her role as Becky Howard on the Australian TV drama McLeod’s Daughters, as well as appearing in other feature films such as Blackrock. Love Serenade, Cut, City Loop, The Illustrated Family Doctor, Angst, and Ghost Rider.


April 4, 1979

Birth Place

Wellington, New Zealand

Zodiac Sign


Life before fame:

Jessica had a talent for acting from a very young age, and after she expressed great interest in acting, even when she was seven years old, her parents decided to drive her to local auditions that were happening. It wasn’t long before Jessica landed her first role. At the age of 9, she was cast in the Australian television series Police Rescue. This role provided Jessica with the necessary recognition that she started receiving more roles as the years went on.

She played the father’s daughter on Police Rescue, and due to her performance, she was later asked to appear on the show again, this time filling in for Marshall, as she couldn’t do what was asked of her, as the job booking required her character to be submerged in a swamp, which Marshall refused to do so Jessica got the role instead.
Although this role provided Jessica with an idea of what an acting job would be, she waited until she was 15 until fully deciding to be an actress. Then on her first professional audition, she won the role of Edwin, the lead role on the Australian television opera Echo Point. Jessica’s first feature film was the award-winning title Love Serenade which was produced by the esteemed Shirley Barrett. This role was followed by another highly praised movie role. Jessica was cast to star alongside the late actor Heath Ledger, where Jessica played his sister in the critically acclaimed Australian teen drama Blackrock.

Her later career:

After appearing in Blackrock, Jessica was catapulted into stardom and started to receive plenty of other offers. She was seen in a string of other Australian shows such as Murder Call, Water Rats, followed by her playing Gerry Davis in the critically acclaimed Wildside, where she starred alongside Tony Martin, Rachel Blake, and Aaron Pedersen.

Jessica was also seen in Stingers (Playing alongside fellow actor Peter Phelps).

Social media presence:

Jessica Napier is active on social media sites, and her Instagram profile under the handle “billcav” has over 19,800 followers. She posts quite frequently, mostly having pictures together with her son, as well as various scenery photos.


She was featured in the 2002 Australian edition of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” where Jessica won $64,000 for the SOuth Australian animal rights group.

She has also co-starred with Lisa Chappell on the popular television series McLeod’s Daughters, and the two actresses have become good friends in real life ever since filming the show.

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Image Source: Eva Rinaldi, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons