Jennifer Holland – Famous Actress

Who is Jennifer Holland?

Jennifer Holland is an American actress; she is widely known for her portrayal of Becky Phillips on the CMT series TV show Sun Records. She has also had a recurring role on American Horror Story, where she starred as Nurse Blackwell in 2012 and received great reviews for her performance of the role.


November 9, 1987

Birth Place

Illinois, United States of America

Zodiac Sign


What was her life like before fame?

Jennifer Holland is the only child in her family, and she began to act at a young age, starring in school plays and other local acting gigs in her hometown of Illinois.
Her first credited role was in 2004, guest-starring on the popular TV series Dante’s Creek. Her breakout role came a few years later, though, in 2009, Jennifer became a nationwide star when she appeared as Ashley in the cult classic comedy film American Pie Presents: The Book of Love that was released in late 2009. After her role in American Pie, she quickly became recognized on the street and has stated in previous interviews that this role was the tipping point for her, after which she became massively more recognized.

Her other endeavors

Jennifer is also very active on social media platforms. The talented actress has been growing her Instagram page over the years and has kept updating it on a daily basis. To this day, she has had over 1,349 posts on her Instagram profile, and she is known for uploading a variety of different content on the platform, ranging from cute animals photos to pictures from her current work-related efforts, as well as appearing together with her friends and family, and posting funny memes on her page. She has gained a pretty substantial following, having over 84,000 followers on her account to this day.

She has made some posts hinting that she may appear in the new Suicide Squad movie that is scheduled to come out later this year, as well as appearing in the HBO Max’s Peacemaker, which has a set release date for the middle of 2020, although what her role in these movies will be is unknown, these teasers have definitely sparked our interested, and we can’t wait to find out more in the future. One possible hint has been that Jennifer will be portraying Emilia Harcourt in these upcoming superhero films, but that is unconfirmed to this day, so we can only go so far as to speculate.

Where she grew up

Jennifer was born and raised in the city of Chicago. Although she had temporarily moved to Los Angeles during her college years, Holland felt that she needed to come back to Chicago as it was her home for so long and she had gotten used to it and fallen in love with the city throughout the years. Her love for acting has been there since her very childhood, and she has said that she can’t imagine doing anything else for a profession.


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