Hannah Ware – Famous Actress

Who is Hannah Ware?

Hannah Ware (Full name Hannah Rose Ware) is an English actress. She played the role of main lead in Netflix series ‘The one’ released in March 2021. She is also famous for her role as Emma Kane in the popular political drama TV series Boss, which was produced by Starz and ran from 2011 until 2012. Her other notable roles include playing Sara Hanley on ABC’s primetime soap opera Betrayal (Which aired from 2013 until 2014).


December 8, 1982

Birth Place

London, England

Zodiac Sign


Early life before fame

Hannah grew up in New York and knew she was going to be an actress when growing up. She even played various characters from the movies and television series in front of her family when she was very little.

When Hannah had to decide where she would study after high school, it didn’t take her long to apply at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. She successfully graduated from it with excellent performance reviews, and it didn’t take long for a casting director to notice her and offer her a role.

Her first appearance on the big screen was in 2010 when she starred alongside the massively famous worldwide superstar actors Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan in the popular comedy film Cop Out.

Her career

After her breakout role, she appeared in the 2011 film Shame, playing the character of Samantha. Then in 2013, she appeared as Donna Hawthorne in Oldboy (An American neo-noir action thriller directed by Spike Lee).
Following this role, she was cast as Cindy in the 2013 short film Touch.

Another huge role for Hannah was when she portrayed Katia van Dees (Agent 90) in the 2015 video-game-turned-movie Hitman: Agent 47. Although the film was met with mixed reviews, Hannah’s performance was praised across the board.

Her later roles included appearing in Aftermath as Tessa (2017), as well as starring in The Angel as Diana Ellis (2018).

Her most recent appearances have been in the popular TV series The One, where she plays the lead role throughout the first season of the show, portraying Rebecca Webb.

Social media presence

Hannah isn’t very active on her social media sites, and although she does have an Instagram account under the handle “hannahroseware,” she has only seldom posted throughout the years, only having seven posts and 27,000 followers in her account.

Family life

Hannah’s mother, Helena, is a social worker, while he father, John, is a reporter for BBC Panorama. She also has a sister Jessie Ware, who is a renowned R&B star.



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