Hanna R. Hall – Famous Actress

Who is Hanna R. Hall?

Hanna R. Hall is an American actress. Her most famous roles have been appearing in Forrest Gump as young Jenny Curran (which was actually her first film debut), as well as appearing in Sofia Coppola’s The Virgin Suicides as Cecilia Lisbon (1999), and portraying Judith Myers in the 2007 film by Rob Zombie “Halloween.”


July 9, 1984

Birth Place

Denver, CO

Zodiac Sign


Early life and life before fame

Hanna was born in Denver, Colorado, where she remained until turning eighteen. Her family decided to move into the mountains when she was only two years old, which she has said has made her appreciate living in the tranquility that such a place can provide. Hanna went to a local high school and graduated with good grades, remembering the time fondly. After that, she moved to live in Hawaii, where she would spend the next 3 years of her life. Following that, she moved once again, this time to Los Angeles, where she would live for another 2 years, before finally deciding to settle in Vancouver, British Columbia, where she attended the Vancouver Film School, which opened her doors to becoming an actress.

How her career began

Although Hanna graduated from a Film School later in her life, her first appearance on the big screen was actually when she was only seven years old. The talented young lady was cast to appear in the cult-classic Forrest Gump by Robert Zemeckis. Hall had attended Nina Aelrod’s open casting, which got her the role. It wasn’t easy, though, Hall had to make several calls back and forth before she was finally cast in the role, but once she filmed her scenes, the director remarked how talented and natural the young actress was. After her breakout role, Hall was also cast to play an orphaned child in the 1996 television film Homecoming, which also had Anne Bancroft as the co-star.

Following these roles, Hanna was also screen-tested for the role of Lux Lisbon in Sofia Coppola’s film adaption of The Virgin Suicides. Sadly she didn’t get the role due to the casting director insisting that she was too young to play the part. She did, however, get re-cast as Cecilia Lisbon instead. She has also appeared in various independent films following this. Then in 2007, she got the part of Judith Myers in Rob Zombie’s remake of the movie Halloween. Hanna also appeared in the comedy American Cowslip (2009), opposite Diane Ladd, Cloris Leachman, and Val Kilmer.
Some of her more recent roles have included working for a theater director in Venice, California, directing underground plays (2012) while also starring on the American TV series Criminal Minds and Masters of Sex as a guest star.

Her most recent role was in the 2019 American anthology television series “The Purge,” where Hanna played a Medical Student in the episode “7:01 A.M.”.


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