Emma Tremblay – Famous Actress

Who is Emma Tremblay?

Emma Tremblay is a Canadian child actress; she is most famously remembered for her appearances in such blockbuster movies as The Giver, Elysium, and The Judge. She has also had a recurring role in the M. Night Shyamalan produced series Wayward Pines, as well as appearing on The CW’s Supergirl.


April 21, 2004

Birth Place

Vancouver, Canada

Zodiac Sign


Life before fame

Emma grew up liking western movies, and she would frequently ask her parents to put an old western movie on. When she was three, she was already acting in front of her parents, portraying various roles that she saw on TV and trying to replicate them the best she could.

His parents knew that acting was her calling, and luckily Emma got the chance to appear on the big screen right from the get-go as she was cast to appear in 2013’s blockbuster hit Elysium. This marked her acting debut. She would soon appear in the TV movie Let It, Snow.

Emma also starred as the titular character Juliana in the cult classic movie Julianna & the Medicine Fish.

Her acting career

Emma has appeared in numerous commercially successful TV series. Some of her most notable appearances include:
Portraying Tanie on the TV series “The Whispers” (2015), playing Young Mary Alice Brandon in the 2015’s short film The Mary Alice Brandon File, starring as Lucy in the popular mystery television series Wayward Pines (2016), appearing as Juliana Reid in Juliana & Medicine Fish (2017), playing Michelle in Wonder (2017), appearing as Lizzy on the TV series Oudermilk (2017), starring as Iris Vick in Psych: The Movie (2017), portraying Avery in Let the Right One In (2017), and playing Ruby Arias in the popular CW’s superhero TV series Supergirl where she has appeared in a total of 15 episodes to this date (2017-2018).
Her most recent role was playing Faye in 2018’s film Night Hunter.

What is she doing now

It looks like the actress has taken a slight hiatus in recent years as she hasn’t been seen in any new projects since her last role in 2018.

She has been enjoying a normal life and is currently studying to graduate from college. She has stated that she wants to enjoy her teen years because she has been so busy throughout the last ten years, so she needs the time to recharge her batteries and enjoy her life a little.

Her family and relationships:

Emma is the oldest of three siblings. She has a younger brother who is also an actor called Jacob Tremblay, and her younger sister (also an actress) is called Erica Tremblay.
Emma’s father is Jason and works as a police detective, while her mother Christina is a homemaker.


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