Corinne Massia – Famous Actress

About Corinne Massiah

Corinne Massiah is an American actress who is most recognized for her portrayal of May Grant on the popular detective television series 9-1-1, as well as playing Lucy in the popular ABC series Mistresses. She also appeared as Young Ginny in the Fox series “Pitch”.


March 13, 2003

Birth Place

Los Angeles, CA

Zodiac Sign


Early life before fame

Corinne had a knack for acting from an early age, and she knew she would be aspiring to become an actress from as young as 5. But aside from acting, Corinne was also very passionate about sports, even from an early age. She would start playing volleyball at the age of six and has said that she likes to play a few games at least a few times a month, as it’s her favorite sport.
Corinne was born in the Greater Los Angeles area, where she lives with her family. Corinne has a fraternal twin sister. Corinne is 1 minute younger than her.

At the tender age of 8, Corinne really started to express her desire to become an entertainer. She was given such a chance after her parents got her an audition to star in G.I. Joe-Retaliation, she got to play the part. Afterward, other casting directors noticed her talents, and she would go on to appear in such esteemed television series as NCIS and Crime Scene Investigation: New York. Corinne also had a recurring role in the TV series Mistresses, which went on for four years. She can still be seen playing her recurring role of Young Ginny on the popular TV series Pitch. Corinne also portrays Young Amanda in Secrets & Lies.

Aside from her television roles, she has also dabbled in the field of national commercials, where she’s appeared in a few of them.

Corinne is an absolute lover of dogs, especially rescue dogs. She has said that poodles are hare favorites which is why she rescued a poodle from a shelter and named him Scooby.

Corinne’s dream is to use the funds from her acting career to fund search and rescue missions so that she could own and save as many dogs as possible.

Corinne has stated that she would love to get a volleyball scholarship one day.


Corinne is associated with Rochelle Aytes as she has been playing the onscreen daughter April in one of the TV series that she starred in.

Her social media presence

Corinne isn’t too active on social media sites, and her main Instagram profile under the handle “Corinne.massiah” has 19,000 followers as of the writing of this article.

Some trivia

She and her twin sister have once acted together in a role that required there to be a clone of Corinne’s character in an episode of G.I. Joe-Retaliation.


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