Cinthya Carmona – Famous Actress

Who is Cinthya Carmona?

Cinthya Carmona is an American-Colombian theater and film actress, as well being a dancer. When she first started acting, she appeared under the name Cinthya Bornacelli.


December 27, 1990

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Her career

Cinthya is of Colombian and Venezuelan decent. She vigorously trained to become an actress in the prestigious Speiser Sturges Acting Studio in Los Angeles. Later on, she studied theater arts and acting in New York City.

Cinthya has also played a role at the Theater Main Street Playhouse, as well as appearing in such plays as Barefoot in the Park to see and The Glass Menagerie.

Carmona made her acting debut in 2009. Early on, she received small roles in feature films, but later on, she made a name for herself and was offered roles in television series.

Between 2017 and 2017, Cinthya appeared as Brandie in the popular TV series East Los High for 13 episodes of the show.
Then from 2017 to 2020, she appeared in the popular television series Greenhouse Academy, where she portrayed Sophie Cardona.

In 2020 she also starred in a leading role, alongside the massively popular American actor Shia LaBeouf in the feature film The Tax Collector.

Some of her other appearances include 2021s FBI and 2021 Reefa.

Her social media presence

Cinthya is very active on her social media accounts and can be found on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat.

Her most active social media profile seems to be her Instagram account. She has grown her account to have a massive following. Currently, she sits at 398,000 followers on her account, showing just how popular she truly is. She likes to post pictures of herself as well as posting pictures with her friends. Cinthya has over 540 posts on her Instagram account, so there’s quite a lot to look at there. She also has a Twitter account where she posts frequently. She has currently attracted over 3,700 followers on her profile @CinthyaCarmona_.
She doesn’t Tweet too often, though. Instead of using Instagram as her main social media platform, she mostly just posts there. Although she does have a Facebook account, it looks like she doesn’t frequent it very often and is rarely posting on the platform as of December 2021.


Cinthya has also starred in a couple of theater productions. She appeared at the Mainstreet Playhouse, as well as in The Glass Menagerie and Barefoot in the Park.

Family life for Cinthya

Cinthya was born in Venezuela, and her family is Venezuelan and Colombian. She currently isn’t seeing anyone, as per what she has said in a recent interview, although she has had many boyfriends in the past, although nothing too serious has come from it.

Cinthya has also started to make TikTok videos on her TikTok profile, which has attracted plenty of interested followers, making her presence ever so prominent in the social media field.

Her mother’s name is Josefina Carmona, and her Father is called Jesus Harmona.


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