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Chloe Grace Moretz – Famous Actress

Chloë Grace Moretz

Who is Chloe Grace Moretz?

Chloë is a multiple award-winning American actress and executive producer who began acting as a child, starring in many films and television.


February 10, 1997

Birth Place

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Zodiac Sign


Her early life and career beginnings

Chloë’s parents raised her in Cartersville, Georgia. Her mother, Teri Duke, is a nurse practitioner, while her father, McCoy Moretz, was a plastic surgeon. She has four older brothers and an older sister who died shortly after birth.

Her brother, Trevor, was accepted into the Professional Performing Arts School, prompting her to move alongside her mother and Trevor to New York City in 2002. She developed an interest in acting from helping her brother read lines. From the age of nine, Chloë was homeschooled and currently has no interest in attending college.

At six, just after moving to new york city, Chloë transitioned from reading her brother’s lines to starring in films. Her first role was portraying Violet in two episodes of The Guardian, followed by her film debut as Molly in the heart of the Beholder.

Chloë’s professional career life

Choë gained some recognition after portraying Chelsea Lutz in the remake of the American 1979 supernatural horror film, The Amity Horror Film, in 2005, earning her a Young Artist Award Recognition. She acted on several TV shows, appearing as a little girl in Today You Die, Carrie Fuller in The Momma’s House 2, Melissa Norman in Room 6, and co-starred as Emma Tunny in Wicked Little Things all between 2005 and 2006.

Her career began slowly snowballing into more significant events, and in 2010, the twelve-year-old portrayed a Hit-Girl in the action film Kick-Ass. Although controversies surrounded her young character, she received critical acclaim and a Teen Choice Awards nomination for her role and eventually earned the title of the busiest actress in Hollywood.

As a driven young actress who grew up onscreen, it’s unsurprising that she clocked more hours than her contemporaries. She was cast in Let Me In, Let the Right One In, Texas Killing Fields, Hugo, Hick, Dark Shadows, with most becoming award-winning films.

The young star reprised her role in the sequels, Kick-Ass 2 &3, starred in Carrie, If I Stay, The 5th Wave, and debuted Off-Broadway in the Library. She also voiced other video games, including Dishonoured, an action-adventure game, and appeared in the Live-animated film, Tom & Jerry.

Chloë served as a member of a three-person jury for the Tribeca Film Festival and starred in various films and television that it’s easy to lose count of. She’s a regular invitee to special events and has graced magazine covers, editorials, and shoots for Vogue, Teen Vogue, Elle, Instyle, and others. Time Magazine named her one of the 25 Most Influential Teens of the Year.

Her personal life

Chloë dated photographer Brooklyn Beckham, but they broke up in 2018. While her older brother, Brandon, serves as her business manager, Trevor is her acting coach from inception and accompanies her on trips in her parent’s absence. She’s an LGBTQ equality advocate and identifies as a feminist who is quite selective in the choice of her movie roles.


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