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About Cariba Heine

Cariba Heine is a South African actress and dancer. She is best known for her role of portraying Rikki Chadwick on the Network Ten’s show H2O: Just Add Water, where she stars alongside such stars as Claire Holt, Phoebe Tonkin, and Indiana Evans. Most recently, she has starred as Caroline Byrne in A Model Daughter: The Killing of Caroline Byrne, where she’s also worked with Indiana Evans. The series was broadcast on Network Ten on November 4, 2009, in Australia.
Cariba Heine has also attended the Nickelodeon Choice Awards back in 2007, as well as the DOLLY Teen Choice Awards in 2008. She also reprised her role in the last 2 episodes of season 3 of Mako: Island of Secrets as Rikki Chadwick, which she has stated has been one of her more favorite roles throughout her career. Cariba has over 460,000 followers on Instagram, and she is active on other social media outlets as well.


October 1, 1988

Birth Place

Johannesburg, South Africa

Zodiac Sign


Her beginnings and life before fame

Cariba was originally born in South Africa but early on moved to Australia. This was back in 1991 when she was only three years old. Heine’s mother is a proud owner of the dance school “Legs.” Cariba’s early days consisted of her dancing in her mother’s dance school which was located in Canberra. She also attended Telopea Park School and St Clare’s College later on. Cariba was proud that she was the youngest dancer that had performed at the Stargazers Convention in Sydney, Australia.
She’s been a part of many stage productions throughout the years, including a vast tour throughout the United States, where she was featured in a Will Young music video titled “Leave Right Now.” She has also starred in Blue Water High Season 3, portraying the character of Bridget Sanchez alongside Craig Horner back in 2008.
Later on, she got a role in A Model Daughter: The Killing of Caroline Byrne, where she portrayed the witty housewife Caroline Byrne. After the lead role of Rikki Chadwick in the TV series H2O: Just Add Water, which premiered in 2011, she joined another indie film, Lord of the Crows. Following that, Cariba portrayed Heather in Bait 3D, as well as starring in the biographical TV miniseries Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War.

Trivia, family, and relationships

Cariba has appeared in Alex Cubis’ podcast show Honest Conversations with Alexis Cubis, where she was interviewed and talked about her upbringing and success when growing up. She’s been outspoken about how supportive her parents have been.
When she was little, she studied jazz dance, as well as ballet. She’s also said that singing was her passion early on, in addition to acting. She is also not an only child. She has a brother by the name of Kyle Heine. Relationship wise Cariba has been romantic with her fellow H2O co-star Burgess Abernethy, the pair have been public that they are dating, but as of recent, it looks like they’ve gone their separate ways.


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