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Brittany Ashton Holmes – Famous Actress

Who Is Brittany Ashton Holmes?

Brittany gained steady popularity when she was still pretty young. At merely the age of five, she became the name that everybody recognized and adored. Who doesn’t remember Brittany Ashton Holmes as Darla in 1994’s feature film, The Little Rascals? Brittany became famous with the very first movie she was cast in. She also appeared as Amy Carter in 1996 in a film called Inhumanoid. She kept pleasing the audience through different roles in TV series and films. She won millions of hearts between the age of five and seven. Unfortunately, Brittany’s sudden fame and silver screen performances were extremely short-lived, and she soon disappeared from the acting world. Brittany quit acting and departed from the celluloid world of roll-camera-action. The young actress is pursuing her studies in political science.


February 27th, 1989

Birth Place

California, United States

Zodiac Sign


Brittany’s Rise to Stardom

Brittany acted in her first-ever movie in a family comedy, The Little Rascals. She was one of the lead characters in the project. Brittany immediately became the apple of everyone’s eye with her darling smile and confident persona. Brittany appeared on the interviews as an assured and adorable child, which became the cause of her short-lived rise to stardom. It was not only her cute looks that received admiration and applause but her talent and impeccable acting. Brittany won The Best Young Award for the Best Performance by a Youth Ensemble in a motion picture. In 1996, Brittany left behind the comedy dramas and bade her farewells. She focused more on adult fiction and was featured in a science fiction movie called Inhumanoid. She also appeared in Death Benefit and Humanoids from Deep.

Apart from films and television series, she also appeared in numerous TV commercials like McDonald’s and Baby Guess. Brittany chose her education over the fame and name of the acting industry and quit acting. She appeared after that in the reunion of the cast members of The Little Rascals in 2014. Brittany was a little hesitant to come but eventually decided to join her co-stars. She even recreated classic scenes and some posters of the movie. Brittany herself said that she would rather live an anonymous life and finish her education than come back to the acting world.

Brittany’s Life Behind the Curtains

Brittany was born in California on February 27th, 1989. Brittany attended high school in southern California and played soccer for her school. Brittany’s parents discovered her talent and encouraged her to follow acting as a career. At her adolescent age, she described boys as “Yucky”. The face that everybody liked and cherished currently lives in Los Angeles. She has not exhibited any inclination towards coming back to the glamour and glitters of the acting world. She is rumored to have married in the past years, but her personal life remains an object of curiosity as she wouldn’t disclose anything about her dating life.


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