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About Bibi Gaytán

Bibi Gaytán (Full name: Silvia Gaytán Barragán) is a Mexican actress and singer. She has lived in Villahermosa, Tabasco, for all her life and considers herself “Tabasqueña”.


January 27, 1972

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Her career

Bibi Gaytán is the only female and has five brothers, they are musician Gonazol “Chacho” Gaytán, retired actor Alejandro Gaytán, Timbiriche’s Daniel “Mano” Gaytán, and Rodrigo “Ruy” Gaytán.

Bibi started her career in 1989 after joining the local musical group Timbiriche, being the replacement member after Alix Bauer quit. While in Timbiriche, Bibi finished her tour for the “Timbiriche 8/9” album while also recording and touring for the “Timbiriche 10” album later on.

IN 1991 Bibi was cast in the Mexican TV series Alcanzar Una Estrella II, where she co-starred with fellow actors Pedro Fernandez, Angelica Rivera, Erik Rubin, Ricky Martin, and Sasha Sokol, among other popular actors. She has her own solo song, a Sólo Una Mujer (Written by Ricardo Arjona). The song was a success and frequently appeared in the top 100 charts in Mexico. This helped Bibi launch her singing career. Later on, she left Timbiriche, and her place in the band was overtaken by Tanya Velasco.

In 1992 Bibi had a really successful year after starring in what became a huge box office hit, the film Mas Que Alcanzar Una Estrella, which was a part of the “Alcanzar Una Estrella” saga. Later on, in the year, she was cast in the lead role for the soap opera Baila Conmigo, where she co-starred with the singer Paulina Rubio and Eduardo Capetillo. Bibi developed romantic feelings for Eduardo, and they were briefly dating but decided to split after the end of the TV series. In September of 1992, Bibi released her first solo album titled after her name. The album included such hit singles as “Y Se Marcha Diciendo Perdon, Rock Cafe, Mucha. Mujer Para Ti, and No Me IMporta.

After her album was intensely promoted in Latin America, she was cast in another TV series. It was one of the most popular telenovelas in television history in Mexico. The series in question is Dos Mujeres, Un Camino. Bibi starred alongside Laura Leon and Erik Estrada. It was the first telenovela to include “grupero artists” such as the late Selena and Grupo Bronco. The telenovela lasted only a year but made a huge impact and received numerous critic awards.

Then in the 200s, Bibi appeared in television ads, as well as starring in 5 episodes of En Nombre del Amor, while also appearing as a guest judge in Bailando por un sueno.
In 2011, Bibi and her husband Eduardo moved from Televisa to Television Azteca. Bibi appeared as the co-host in La Academia and was later selected to be the dance judge on Mexico Baila.

Relationship status

Bibi is happily married to Eduardo Capetillo. They had their wedding ceremony in June of 1994 and have been married for almost three decades now.


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