Beth Dover – Famous Actress

Who is Beth Dover?

Beth Dover is an American actress who is probably best remembered for her role as Linda Ferguson in the popular prison-themed TV series Orange Is the New Black. She was also featured in Children’s Hospital, as well as Another Period.

Beth Dover also appeared in Netflix’s Wet Hot Summer: Ten Years Later as Shari for three episodes.


August 29, 1978

Birth Place

United States

Zodiac Sign


Life before fame

Beth was a very active child and enjoyed arts from a very young age. This prompted Beth to attend the University of Florida College of the Arts, from which she graduated with excellent grades.
Beth has stated in interviews that her family was in the military, which meant that she had to move every two years until she was 13 years old.
This meant that she had to leave her friends and meet new ones very often, which was often quite hard for her to do as she just wanted to stay with the friends that she had already made, but in hindsight, Beth has said that this helped her to manage her emotions better.

Acting career

Beth received her first role in 1997 when she appeared in Kenan and Kel.
Later on, Beth was seen in 2001s Guiding Light as Fan. Then in 2005, she appeared in LAX (An American drama television series) as Missy in the episode “Mixed Signals. Later on, she portrayed Angela Miller in the episode “Identity” for the American police procedural crime drama Criminal Minds (2007). She was also seen in Party Down as Cramsey (In the episode Sin Say Shun Awards Afterparty”.

Later on, she appeared as Nikki in Hot Sluts (2009), as well as playing a confused lesbian in Secret Girlfriend (Episode titled “You Hang with Some Lesbians.”
Beth Dover was also a recurring cast member playing Nurse Beth and Melinda Waller in the dark comedy television series Children’s Hospital (2010-2016).
She can also be seen as Amy in Big Time Rush (Episode titled Big Time Sneakers), as well as appearing as Rita in 2011s Unleashed and Madeline in 2011s Whitney.

Her more recent roles have included providing the voice for Caitlin for the episode House of 1000 Bounces for Bob’s Burgers (2016). Beth also played Shari in Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later (For three episodes of the show).
She was also the nurse Beth in Medical Police (2020), and she is stated to appear in the American sitcom We Are Men, where she is credited as Lauren in the unaired episode “We Are Carpe Pontiac.”

Beth has stated that she loved playing her character Linda Ferguson in Orange Is the New Black and described that her character was an antihero, or a villain, saying that “it was really fun to play a person that lives by a different code of ethics than I do.”

Personal life

Beth Dover is married to the actor Joe Lo Truglio since 2014, and they have a son Eli, who was born in 2016.


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