Zac Oyama – Famous Actor

Who is Zac Oyama?

Zac Oyama is an American actor and writer who is most famously known for being the main writer and contributor to CollegeHumor Originals video series. Zac is also known for performing his improv skits with team Sixkiller and Judith at the Upright Citizens Brigade.


August 22, 1987

Birth Place

Birmingham, AL, UK

Zodiac Sign


Life before fame

Zac Oyama was born and raised in Birmingham, and during his childhood, he was very passionate about video games. Later on, he developed an interest in being an entertainer and was always the life of the party around his friends.
Zac began his journey in producing funny skits back in 2012 when he received a gig in entertainment to be the assistant on the massively popular film Wanderlust.

Zac’s father is Japanese, and Zac also has an older sister by the name of Erica, with whom he has a good relationship. Zac had said that his sister had helped him during the toughest times in his life when he really needed a helping hand. She was always there for him.

Career as an actor

Zac has been a frequent guest on Comedy Bang! Bang! where he would often perform with his Harold team Yeti at UCB. Zac has also been the main writer for College Humor videos which have gained massive recognition on YouTube and have been viewed more than 30,000,000 times.

Zac has portrayed such characters on Comedy Bang! Bang! as Kenny Takahashi, Chase Varner, Keantwo Reeves, Denny Simpson, Mr. Camp, Topher Schmidty, and Douglas Speaker.

Zac also appeared in Dropout projects such as Adam Ruins Everything, WTF 101 (Where he voiced the character Brad), and Dimension 20. Additionally, Zac has also appeared in episodes of Game Change, Um, Actually, and The Rank Room. He is also a writer and performer for the UCB comedy.

Working on Key & Peele

Before appearing in College Humor, Zac was the production assistant on the massively popular comedy skit television series Key & Peele. He also appeared in a few of the episodes, as well as performed various improv skits on the show. He has spoken fondly about the days that he worked on Key & Peele, citing that the showrunner Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele were his idols when growing up after Zac saw both of them performing on the skit television series MadTV back in 2005.

Due to working with Jordan Peele in the show, Zac was also offered a role in the 2018 horror movie “Get Out,” which received massively positive reviews from critics all around the world and was nominated as the best horror film of the year for which it won the award.

Social media presence

Zac is active on various social media sites, but he is most active on Instagram. His account “zacoyama” currently has a respectable 68,000 followers count, just showing that there are plenty of fans who enjoy Zac’s work. The future is looking bright for talented actor.


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