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Tyler Johnston – Famous Actor


Born on the outskirts of New Westminster, Tyler Johnston started his career with an appearance as Markko in the notable television series Godiva’s. Later, he became known for his remarkable work in the comedy-drama series Letterkenny and Less Than Kind. Both these roles and his portrayal of other television characters made him a familiar face in Hollywood. 


June 14, 1987

Birth Place

New Westminster, Canada  



Work Projects

The Canadian actor Tyler Johnston has appeared in many Hollywood movies and television series. Starting from his most famous work as Stewart, featured in a comedy show Letterkenny, which was adored by fans and critics alike. His role as Danny Lube in Less Than Kind is also included in one of his best credits. Johnston has also made shots in drama series like Supernatural, Motive, The Killing, Grand Star, Saving Hope, and Godiva’s, and renowned movies like Decoys 2 and The Phantom. 

For Supernatural, Tyler has been cast twice, first as Matthew Pike in season one. Then he returned later on in season eight as a completely different character called Samandriel, aka Alfie. His second character was more appreciated by fans since it better complemented that religious element presented in the entire series. In the thriller Feed the Gods released in 2014, Tyler has also appeared alongside Shawn Roberts. 

Recently, Tyler has been recruited to feature in Rabbit as Matthew and has many other on-screen projects coming up. 


Johnston is quite famous in Canada for his role in the comedy show Less Than Kind, and for that, he also became a nominee for Best Supporting Actor in both the first and second Canadian Screen Awards. He was also nominated for the Best Lead Actor award crediting his performance in The Phantom. The award came from the Television Film or Miniseries category. Later in 2016, Montreal International Wreath Film Festival Awards nominated him in the Best Actor category for his performance as Edward K. Wehling, Jr. in the mini-film 2BR02B: To Be or Naught to Be, based on the story written by Kurt Vonnegut. 


Tyler Johnston received his early education from Pinetree Secondary School, a reputable campus located in Coquitlam, British Columbia. One interesting fact about Tyler’s school is that the current Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, briefly worked there as a substitute teacher in 1998. 

Family and Dating Life

Not much is recorded in interviews about Tyler Johnston’s family or dating life. All we know is that he was called by the loving nickname of T.J by his family. His mother supported him through his acting career, his father is an owner of an auto glass company in Canada, and both his mother and father reside there. His sister also wanted to try her luck in acting, but eventually, she changed her mind and pursued a career in nursing. 

As for his dating life, the actor likes to keep it private. While he is quite active on social media, fans hadn’t spotted any fling or affair until 2016, when he hinted in an interview that he is dating and has a girlfriend. However, despite the curiosity, he didn’t reveal her name and thought it best to keep it private. 

Moreover, whether he is currently dating or not is still unknown.



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