Tom Lister – Famous Actor

Who was Tom Lister?

Tom Duane Lister Jr. was known for his wrestling and acting career. He appeared on screen many times and dropped jaws with his impeccable performances in movies like Friday and The Fifth Element. Tom had a blind eye from birth, and he had to grow up with it. Tom was born in Arkansas to Thomas Lister, who was a truck driver. He was born with a detached and deformed retina which caused permanent blindness in his right eye. Tom’s mother was a housewife, and his father earned a living by driving a truck. He spent his childhood in a shady neighborhood where drugs and crimes were always in the news. He managed to keep himself away from the crime-sodden society by indulging himself in religion. He was a fan of movies and played sports for his high school. His athletic abilities gained him a scholarship to California State University. After graduating from university, Tom followed shot put for some time but eventually made his mind to test his luck in the acting career. Tom is an occasional wrestler, film actor, and voice actor. He loved playing football from a very young age, and he tested his abilities in the ring as well.


June 4, 1958

Birth Place

Compton, California. United States

Zodiac Sign


Acting & Wrestling Career

Tom made his acting debut in 1984 as Otis in a film called 1ST and Ten. He even did a minor security guard role in the thriller film Runaway Train. He played numerous small roles in different movies until he got a big break in 1995 through his popular film Friday. Tom also appeared in many Television series as guest roles, including Perfect Strangers, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Renegade. Tom kept appearing in minor roles in the 2000s. He appeared in movies like The Dark Knight, Monster Ark, Dracula 3000, Never Die Alone, and Confidence.

Recently, Tom appeared in White T, Hickey, and Busy Day. Tom also gave voice to a character named Finnick in the animated movie Zootopia. Tom left no platform and tested in luck in the music world as well. He appeared in several music videos of a few artists, including Michael Jackson, Akon, and 50 Cent.
Tom appeared in a wrestling ring following his performance in a film as a wrestler. He did wrestling occasionally and very briefly and eventually retired from WWF.

Personal life

Tom married Felicia Forbes on January 26, 2003. In 2012, he was accused of mortgage fraud. He had since been free on bail. Tom believed that God is the one to forgive anybody who asks for forgiveness. Tom was religious and believed in contemplation.

Tom Lister Junior died at the age of 62. He suffered from Covid-19 and died in his home in Marina Del Rey on December 10, 2020. Tom Lister was a hardworking and talented artist who made his way from the shady and dark streets to the glamorous world of acting. He went to university and graduated. He had an underlying love for movies and sports.

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