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Scott MacArthur – Famous Actor


Who is Scott MacArthur?

Scott MacArthur is an American writer and actor. His most famous work is the role of Jimmy Shepherd in The Mick, and he is also a writer who has worked on TV, including the very same show, The Mick.


August 6, 1979

Birth Place

Chicago, Illinois, the United States of America

Zodiac Sign


Personal life

Scott MacArthur was born on August 6, 1979, in Chicago. He studied in The Second City in the same urban area, a theater troupe and improvisational training group.

Professional life

Scott was hired as a writer for the Fox comedy series The Mick. However, he was also brought on board as the main character, Jimmy Shepherd, although this role was originally cast with another artist. He has been part of many films and series, including iconic work like the Breaking Bad epilogue, El Camino.

The Mick is a comedy show about a hard-living woman who has to take in her nephews after her sister flees the country. Suddenly, she has to take care of three kids, a girl and two boys, with any help she can get. She also seeks help from her kind-of boyfriend, Jimmy, played by MacArthur. The Mick was quite popular as a comedy and was picked up for another season, as the wacky antics and acting quality proved to be quite good for the Fox Network. It starred Kaitlin Olson as the titular Mick and Jimmy’s love interest. The show had a dark vibe that made the humor a little more adult and edgier, starting, as it did, with a couple of parents ditching their kids to flee the country for tax evasion to avoid being arrested.

His roles include films like The Diabolical, Answers to Nothing, El Camino, where he played Neil Kandy and more. His more recent role was Leroy as The Babysitter: Killer Queen, a B-style dark comedy and horror film.

He was in other popular shows, such as Medium, Numb3rs, NCIS, Mad Men, and more. His latest role was in Superstore, a popular comedy, playing the character Benny.

As a writer, he has credits from The Mick and also several short films that gained some attention and were highly focused on his own vision, as he had several roles in their development, such as writer, producer, director, and editor.


Scott’s full name is Scott Wadsworth MacArthur.

Scott came onto The Mick as a writer but was cast as one of the lead roles. Originally, Jimmy Shepherd was played by Nat Foxon. However, this artist did not stay for the show once it got picked up.

Because The Mick changed actors, the show reshot the pilot episode with Scott MacArthur in place of Nat Faxon, and he kept the role for the two-season run of the series alongside Kaitlin Olson playing the role of her love interest.

Scott has directed around nine short films and served as a producer for several shorts as well.

In 2019, he was part of the Behind the Scenes special for El Camino.



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