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Sam Horrigan – Famous Actor


Who is Sam Horrigan?

Sam Horrigan is an American movie actor and stunt performer, best known for his role as Spike in the sports movie Little Giants. This movie got massive appreciation from sports lovers. He also acted in the famous television movie Brink!. Moreover, he is a philanthropist and regularly works for the betterment of people.


August 23, 1981

Birth Place

Sacramento, Northern California, the United States

Zodiac Sign


Early life

Sam Horrigan grew up in Sacramento, Northern California. His full name is Samuel Emmett Horrigan. But, he is widely known as Samson Superman. Sam is a native American and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. As for his family, Sam’s father’s name is Tom Horrigan, and his mother’s name is Janet Horrigan. He has only one brother named Joe Horrigan. During his high school years, he was a professional rollerblade player. He served his school team as a professional skater for 3 years. Besides this, He was a pretty good soccer player as well and played for his school team.

Sam completed high school at the age of 15. After that, he joined Glendale City College Glendale at the age of 16 for further studies.

Professional career

Sam Horrigan began his acting career as a child star. He played the role of Quentin Kelly in the television movie ‘What If’ in 1992. After that, Sam appeared in several films such as Getting Even with Dad, Remote, Children of the Dark, and Accepted, etc. Moreover, he also appeared in movies including Little Giants and Escape to Witch Mountain in 1994 and 1995. However, he became famous after appearing in the popular television movie Brink! In 1998.

Sam also showcased his acting skills in several television shows such as The Gone Dead Train, Desperate Housewives, and One Tree Hill, etc. He appeared as the lead character’s son in the role Quentin Kelly on the Grace Under Fire Sitcom in 1996. Sam portrayed the character of Brad Thunder in Bar Starz in 2008. He did his stunts, including fight scenes and setting himself on fire in Bar Starz.

Apart from being an actor in movies and TV series, Sam also participated in a male beauty contest on the fourth season of Beauty and the Greek reality show. It was quite surprising for his fans to see him in a beauty contest. He won the Comic-Con Superhero challenge with the superhero character name Metro Man on this show.

Besides the entertainment industry, he is also a philanthropist. He regularly does charity work. Once, he participated in races where he raises money for charities.


In 2014, he got married to Betty Horrigan. The couple had a few lovely years after getting married. Both have two children together, including a son named Blake Horrigan and a daughter named Hailey Horrigan. The couple separated after spending four years together in August 2017.


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Image Source:© Glenn Francis,, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons