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Who is Ryan Robbins?

Ryan Robbins is a Canadian actor who has starred in many shows and films, especially in iconic sci-fi franchises. He has also been a guest star on many popular shows in Canada and the U.S.


November 26, 1972

Birth Place

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Zodiac Sign


Personal life

Ryan Robbins was born Ryan John Currier on November 26, 1972, in Victoria, a British Columbia city in Canada. He was married to Rebecca Reichert and is currently the spouse of Karyn Michelle Baltzer. They have a child together. Interestingly, he has shared the silver screen with both partners.

Professional life

Ryan Robbins is recognized for various roles, but his most famous ones were in iconic sci-fi franchises Battlestar Galactica and Stargate Atlantis. He played Charlie Connor on Battlestar Galactica and played a role in the original Battlestar Galactica miniseries and another in the prequel series for the show Caprica, where he played Diego. In addition, he played Henry Foss on Sanctuary. Ryan had recurring roles in series like jPod, The Guard, Falling Skies, Arrow, and Riverdale, where he played Frank Andrews. He was the lead or had one of the main roles in Continuum and Pure. He has been nominated for the Leo Award multiple times and won it twice for his role as Henry on Sanctuary in 2009 and 2011. Ryan also won a Leo Award for his performance in jPod. He has won this award and been nominated for performance as the series lead, as a male performer, guest performer, and supporting performer. Ryan Robbins has also been nominated for the UBCP/ACTRA Awards three times for Marilyn, Pure, and Daughter. In addition, he has been part of beloved shows like Psych, Reaper, Supernatural, and more. The actor continues to take on roles in both shows and films, and currently, he is known for his performance in Riverdale, where he continues to be a part of the cast.

In the film, he played John Grey in Apollo 18 and had roles in films like Spectral, Marilyn, Warcraft, and more. His performance in Man.Feel.Pain. and Marilyn earned him two more Leo Awards. He has been recognized for his performances in sci-fi shows and police dramas as well, and across his career, he has amassed a wide selection of roles from different genres.

Ryan Robbins is the only actor to have played two different characters in Battlestar Galactica. In the miniseries that started the revival, he played a Colonial officer with prosthetics and makeup to make him look older. He also was a part of the prequel, Caprica, making him an integral part of the Battlestar franchise.

He was part of the music video called The Laws Have Changed.

His first role was in 1997 in the independent Canadian film Horsey.

His former wife, Rebecca Reichert, was also a part of the Stargate Franchise and was in Stargate SG-1. In addition, Karyn Michelle Baltzer, his current spouse, was a part of Sanctuary.

He has the same first name ‘Ryan’ as prominent actor Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling.


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