Robert Maillet – Famous Actor

Who is Robert Maillet?

Robert Maillet is a Canadian actor and a retired professional wrestler, born on October 26, 1969. Robert is most widely recognized for his time in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), where he was a prominent figure from 1997 to 1999. He performed under the ring name Kurrgan and was a member of The Oddities, as well as The Truth Commission.

Robert also appeared in such popular films as Über-Immortal in the cult classic war movie 300, which came out in 2007, as Dredger in Sherlock Holmes (2009), where he actually punched the actor Robert Downey Jr. in the face, by accident, bloodying Downey and knocking him down. He has also portrayed Samuel Blackwell in “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013), as well as Lt. Aleksei Kaidonovsky in the monster movie Pacific Rim (2013).
He was also the Executioner in 2014s Hercules. Following these roles, Maillet got the chance to play a Russian professional boxer who took a dive on purpose in the 2011 film The Big Bang. Later that very same year, Robert appeared as Frankenstein in the film Monster Brawl, where he attended a wrestling tournament consisting of classic movie monsters where they find to the death.
Following these roles, he appeared in Percy Jacksons Sea of Monsters in 2013.


October 26, 1969

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Later roles in his career

He played Blackwell in the 2013 film adaption for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.
Maillet also had a recurring role in Syfy’s original series Haven, where he played the character labeled simply as “Heavy,” one of the main thugs, who is the series antagonist. Then in 2018, Maillet had a small cameo in the superhero movie Deadpool 2, where he played a mutant mercenary who’s been sent to prison, alongside the titular character Deadpool. Following these roles, he also appeared in the 2018 Netflix original film “Game Over, Man!” for which performance he was highly praised by critics at the time.

Latest role on camera

Lately, Robert has also had the chance to star alongside Kevin James in the 2020 American action thriller film “Becky.” The film has been a mediocre success at the box office so far.

Private life for him

Maillet is a happily married husband to his wife, Laura Eaton. They shared their wedding vows way back on June 13, 1997, after only 2 years of dating beforehand. They immediately hit it off when they met, and their chemistry has been on-point ever since. They have two beautiful step-daughters, as well as an adopted daughter from Ethiopia. Robert’s nationality is Acadian, which means that his mother tongue is French, although he has become extremely fluent in English throughout his acting career as well. He has stated in an interview that he has even started to converse in English wholeheartedly and has managed to switch his internal monologue in his head from French to English throughout the years.


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