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Robert Bailey Jr – Famous Actor


Who is Robert Bailey Jr?

Robert Bailey Jr is an American TV actor. He first became known as a child actor and received many roles throughout his childhood years, becoming one of the more famous child actors around before continuing his acting career as a grownup after turning 21.


October 28, 1989

Birth Place

Minneapolis, MN, USA

Zodiac Sign


First television roles

Robert Bailey Jr.’s first major role was playing Jesse in the family sitcom The Parent Hood, where he landed his role after a scrutinous audition. Later on, he went to play Jared in the M. Night Shymalan’s “The Happening,” where he would be the voice of Wybie in the macabre animated feature Coraline. Further on, he joined a hospital drama as Dr. Paul Cummins in the TV series The Night Shift, where he received praises from critics for his realistic portrayal of his role.
He made his first appearance on TV at the age of eight, where he was cast to play in an episode of “Nash Bridges, which ran on CBS from1996 to 2001. After landing that role, he started to get acting offers regularly and became a sought-after star. He has a small part in the memorable documentary “What the #$*! Do We (K)now!?” which came out in 2004.
Producers instantly liked little Robert as not only was he good-mannered and could read the lines from a very young age, he also was a good method actor and has stated that he’s been allowed to improvise in his roles on more than several occasions.

How was life before fame for Robert Bailey Jr.?

Seeing how he was a child actor, fame found Robert rather early. He did start his acting career at the tender age of three, after all, when he was scouted for an advertising campaign by the famous Family Circle magazine. After that, his career snowballed into the celebrity he is today, having played in more than a couple dozen roles throughout his years, and his acting range has been credited as being really diverse. He’s played all kinds of roles and isn’t noticeably lacking in any of his portrayals, making him a talented actor through and through.

Trivial info and family life

Robert Bailey was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he spent his first 4 years. After that, together with his parents, they moved to California, in the state of Los Angeles, where he’s been primarily living ever since.
Some additional information regarding him is that in 1999 he actually won a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV Comedy Series – Guest Starring Young Actor for the role of Becker that he had played briefly, just going to show how talented the guy was already from an early age.


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