Rainbow Sun Francks – Famous Actor

Who is Rainbow Sun Francks?

He is a Canadian actor best known for his roles in Stargate Atlantis, The Umbrella Academy, High Fidelity, and The Listener.


3 December 1979

Birth Place

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Zodiac Sign


Personal life

Rainbow Sun Francks is the brother of Cree Summer and the son of Don Francks and Lili Red Eagle. His parents were both in show business, as Don Francks was an actor and musician and Lili Red Eagle was a dancer. Both of them were adopted members of the Plains Cree First Nation.

Professional life

Francks started his career on MuchMusic, a variety channel that played music videos and different segments. His first recorded role in a film was as Buddy Clark in The Planet of Junior Brown. Other notorious films he was involved in include Aliens vs. Predator, The Steps, Goliath, and Trigger Point.

Sometime after his first appearances, he nailed his first big role on TV as Lieutenant Aiden Ford, a main character in Stargate Atlantis for season 1 and a recurring one in season 2. Other notorious appearances include The Bridge, Lost Girl, Preacher, The Strain, and, finally, The Umbrella Academy. On The Umbrella Academy, the recent Netflix production about a dysfunctional superhero family, he played the recurring role of Detective Chuck Beamen in the first season. He also had a recurring role as Cameron Brooks on High Fidelity, an adaptation of the eponymous novel by Nick Hornby, where he played alongside Zoe Kravitz. Finally, he was Dev Clark on The Listener, a fantasy series originating from Canada. His role was recurring from season 2 to season 5, the end of the show.

In addition to his acting career, Francks has been involved in video games and music. He is part of a games website, Console Creatures, and is a producer for The Oddities, a hip-hop group.

His current projects involve a short film that is entering post-production and more. The actor has remained active for the last couple of decades and has been working consistently in movies and TV since he started, achieving important roles.


Francks is the brother of Cree Summer, best known for her role as princess Kida in the Disney production Atlantis. She was also involved in the Voltron reboot and has done various iconic voice roles over the years. Cree Summer is slated to appear in the He-Man revival from Netflix.

Francks likes comic books and gaming.

Both of Francks’s parents are adopted members of the Cree Plains First Nation.

In 2000, he was nominated for a Gemini award for his performance in One Heart Broken Into Song in 1999.

He has served as producer for Johnny and for Deer Hunting for Beginners, an upcoming 2021 short film.

Francks believes in living in the moment and enjoying everything that happens now, rather than postponing things. This is the personal philosophy he shares with his fans.

Francks often gets cast to play military or police officers, owning to his looks and presentation. We wish him the best and hope his career continues to be successful.


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Image Source: Lee Snowden, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons