Michael Eklund – Famous Actor

Who is Michael Eklund?

Michael Eklund is a Canadian film and television actor. He is most famously recognized for playing antiheroes and villains in his roles. He has consistently received characters that are “creepy,” and he is excellent in nailing those roles.


July 311962

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Early on in his life

Michael was born in Saskatoon, which is the largest city in the province of Saskatchewan in Canada. Early on in his life, Eklund realized that he was in love with moves, as early as the age of 5 when he remembers going to his first movie in a movie theatre and absolutely loving the experience. Later on, he decided to participate in his school theatre, after which he decided to study painting at the Albert College of Art before dropping out and opting instead to move to Vancouver to pursue his acting career full-time.

His career as a TV actor

Michael has played over 50 roles throughout his career, making him a truly masterful actor. Due to living in Vancouver (which is also called Hollywood North), Michael has had the chance to appear on several American and Canadian television series that was filmed in the nearby area.

Michael appeared in many classics such as Smallville, where he played various different roles from 2001 to 2007, then from 2005 to 2007, he portrayed narcotics detective Rene Desjardins on the popular Canadian crime drama series Intelligence. Then in 2007, Eklund landed a recurring role in the Canadian series Blood Ties. Following that, he was approached by the Supernatural series director to star in the massively popular show, where he appeared in an episode in 2008.
Some other famous roles Michael has had were the sci-fi series Fringe and Caprica. He also played Zane Morgan, a recurring character on the second season of the Bates Motel psychological horror drama in 2014. More recently, he has also appeared in Wynonna Earp, which was filmed in Calgary in 2016.

His Film career:

Michael has also seen his fair share of roles on the big screen, having appeared alongside Al Pacino in the 2007 thriller film 88 Minutes. He has also collaborated on multiple occasions with the Calgary-based film director Robert Cuffley. Robert invited Michael to play a crime boss’s enforcer in his 2007 dark comedy Walk All Over Me, then in 2012, he again asked Michael to play a desperate bartender in Ferocious, a 2016 thriller. Four years later, he again asked if Eklund would be interested in returning to his upcoming movie Chokeslam, as Luke Petrie, Michael gladly agreed.

Family life

Michael is a happily married man with his wife, Megan Bennett. The couple met in 2002 and only a year later decided to get married. Their wedding was ceremoniously held in 2003, and they’ve been happily wed coupled for almost two decades by this point.


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