Marcus T. Paulk – Famous Rapper and Actor

Who is Marcus T. Paulk?

He is an actor and rapper who gained significant notoriety in the 90s and has continued to work on various projects as a voice actor, actor, and musician. He is perhaps best remembered for his iconic role in Moesha.


October 12, 1986

Birth Place

Los Angeles County, California, USA

Zodiac Sign


Personal life

This actor was born Marcus Terrell Paulk, and his home city of L.A. seemed to have marked his professional trajectory. Marcus’ family has been very supportive, recognizing his talent and ambition from an early age.

Professional Life

Marcus started street performing when he was three, and that helped his family recognize his drive and talent. He got his first recognizable roles in the 90s, working as a voice actor and actor in general. In 1991, he was cast as a voice actor in Hammerman, a Saturday morning cartoon based on rapper MC Hammer.

Paulk got appearances on some of the iconic shows of the era, particularly shows that were putting African-American performers front and center. He appeared on Me and the Boys, Thea, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Martin, Grace Under Fire, and more.
In 1996, he began a career as Myles Mitchell alongside R&B performer Brandy on Moesha. This started as a small role but expanded to cover six whole seasons of a show that marked a whole generation.
Paulk continued to do more T.V. work and also started appearing in movies. He had a supporting role in Safety Patrol, One Night Stand, Rollbounce, Take the Lead, Take 6, Another Cinderella Story, and more. This period also allowed him to develop his musical talent, as Another Cinderella Story featured his work on the soundtrack.

His latest roles were Zee in When The Tables Turn and Philip in Call Time, both completed in 2021. He continues to play roles in shows, movies, and shorts. He is also developing a music career focused on hip-hop.

Besides his acting work, Marcus is a part of the NBAE League Basketball Team and is releasing his first hip-hop L.P. under the M.P. stage name.


The work Marcus did on Moesha earned him three nominations from the Hollywood Reporter Young Star Award, three from the NAACP, and a Young Artist award from the Academy for Professional Entertainer.

1st Class Girl is the song Marcus recorded for Another Cinderella Story.

Marcus has had over 50 roles as an actor, doing voice work and acting in iconic shows.

He voiced Myron Lewinski in The Proud Family, the iconic Disney animated show.

For his role in Take the Lead, a movie starring Antonio Banderas, Marcus had to train in ballroom dancing, which played a big role in this movie. This required a lot more technical skill and allowed the actor to challenge himself in new ways.

In 1997, Marcus served as the Kids Are Paramount campaign spokesperson and has continued to take part in charitable causes. We wish Marcus all the best for the years to come and hope his career continues on an upwards spiral.


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