Lee Shin-young – Famous Actor

Who’s Lee Shin-young and more about him.

Lee Shin-young is a South Korean actor. He was born on January 24, 1998. Lee is most famously known for playing important roles in such Korean television series as How to Buy a Friend (which came out in 2020), as well as appearing on Crash Landing on You (the TV series came out in 2019 and ran until 2020).


January 24, 1998

Birth Place

South Korea

Zodiac Sign


How did his acting career begin?

Lee Shin made his acting debut appearing in the web series Just One Bite, which came out in 2018. Then from that initial role, he was quickly noticed by producers and went on to star in such shows as It’s Okay To Be Sensitive 2 (a 2019 TV series) and Just One Bite 2 (also seeing a 2019 release date). Additionally, Lee also portrayed the First Lieutenant Park Kwang-beom in the highly received hit drama Crash Landing on You, which received good reviews from the audience. Later on, he also starred in KBS’s drama How to Buy a Friend, debuting in 2020; he co-starred alongside his fellow actor friend Shin Seung-ho.

Lee Shin-young has a massive following on social media sites and currently has amassed well over 885,000 on his Instagram account, while he only has 32 posts on his profile to this date. So although Lee isn’t too active on the platform, he has still garnered a lot of likes, proving how well received he is among his devoted fans.
Lee is known for being very down-to-earth personality-wise, and by the looks of it, hasn’t allowed fame to get to his head, making him that much more likable.
Lee expanded to social media in July of 2018, when he started to share his modeling and acting photos on his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles.
He has been living in South Korea his whole life and has stated that he wouldn’t be interested in moving anywhere else in the future.

Trivia about Lee

Besides being a decorated actor, Lee had also starred in a music video when he appeared in Love Me Once Again by Ben back in 2020. He has also starred alongside the popular Kim So Hee in the 2020 series Contract Friendship.

Awards and nominations that he has received

Being as talented of an actor as Lee, it comes to no surprise that he has been nominated for awards in the past, and what’s even better is that out of the two nominations that he’s had, he’s won them both. Lee received the Rookie of the Year category nomination, receiving the 15th Asia Model Festival award in 2020. The very same year, he also won the award for Best Actor in a One-Act/Special/Short Drama, where he was awarded the 34th KBS Drama Award for his work on How to Buy a Friend. The future looks to be bright for the talented actor.


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