Lamman Rucker – Famous Actor

Who is Lamman Rucker?

Lamman Rucker is an American actor. He began his acting career when he appeared in the American television soap opera As the World Turns, which aired for over 54 years from 1956 until 2010. Lamman also appeared in the popular TV series All My Children (An American television soap opera airing from 1970 until 2011). Lamman is also remembered for his roles in “The Temptations Miniseries,” Tyler Perry’s films “Why Did I Get Married?”, “Why Did I Get Married Too,” as well as appearing in Meet the Browns, which also received a television adaptation. Later on in his career, he appeared in the popular Oprah Winfrey Network drama series Greenleaf, where he starred as Jacob Greenleaf.


October 6, 1971

Birth Place

Pittsburgh, PA

Zodiac Sign


The early life of the actor

Lamman Rucker was born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and is the son of Malaya (née Ray) and Eric Rucker. He has also sequenced his genome and found out that he has ancestorial roots in Barbados. Lamman Rucker spent his formative years living in the greater Washington, DC, in the Maryland area. He’s from a very dedicated and supportive extended family, which he has stated that he loves very much and is close with his whole family.

How his acting career began

Lamman became interested in acting after he was placed in child pageants by his parents. His first real acting role was in the 4th grade when he played Martin Luther King in one of the school’s plays. Then he was also in the 7th-grade drama club, after which he also attended Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, D.C. Lamman Rucker has studied at the Carnegie-Mellon University, as well as Duquesne University, having graduated from the latter.

His career breakout role

Lamman found his breakout role when he appeared as attorney T. Marshall Travers on the CBS daytime soap opera As the World Turned opposite Tamara Tunie in 2002. He then left the series the following year so he could focus on his next role as Garret Williams on the ABC soap opera All My Children in 2005. Later on in his career, Lamman also had a recurring role on the UPN sitcoms All of Us and Half & Half.
His most iconic role, however, came when he appeared in Tyler Perry’s films. He was the main star in Why Did I Get Married? (2007), and then reprised his role in the sequel movie Why Did I Get Married Too? (2010). He has also appeared in Meet The Browns, where he played Will Brown (2008). One of his most recent roles has been starring in a lead role on Oprah Winfrey Networks drama series “Greenleaf,” where he plays Jacob Greenleaf, the eldest son of Keith David’s and Lynn Whitfield. The series began airing in 2015.
Lamman has over 323,000 followers on his Instagram page, making him quite the popular social media presence.


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