Julian Gant – Famous Actor

Who is Julian Gant?

Julian Gant is an American actor and comedian. He is best known for his role in Call Me Kat, starring Mayim Bialik, appearing on the show as one of the central characters.


13 August 1942


Detroit, Michigan, the United States of America



Personal Life

Not much is known of Julian Gant, who prefers to be private about his life, so not even his birthday has been made public. However, it is known he comes from Detroit.

Professional Life

Gant studied in The Groundlings Theatre & School and became part of the theatre company of this institution. He also pursued stand-up comedy. After a few years, he began a transition towards the big and the small screen with different opportunities and roles.

He made his debut in a short film, Living with Terror, where he played a bully. In 2009, he appeared in Parody Movie as Julian, the Dark Bat. In 2010, he played Bilal in Bilal’s Stand, and was in Starlight & Superfish, as well as in Detroit 187.

2011 saw the actor appear in the short film Nain Rouge and also in Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman. In 2012, he was in War Flowers. In 2013, he appeared in the series House of Lies, followed by roles in Love and Honor, Paulie, Approaching Midnight, and a voice role in Grand Theft Auto V the same year. Between 2012 and 2013, he would also appear in Key and Peele.

2014 saw Gant play Motown in 39 to Go. In 2015, he appeared in Adam Ruins Everything.

In 2018, he played Deejay in Fuller House and appeared in Nobodies as Marcus, as well as in Splitting Up Together and School of Rock, the TV series.

Between 2019 and 2021, Gant played JT in Good Girls, appearing across several episodes. In 2019, the actor appeared in Prank Encounters, being featured in several episodes. In 2020, he was in Reno 911!

Since 2021, Gant has been part of Call Me Kat, a comedy series about a woman who opens a cat café, starring Mayim Bialik. He plays Carter across 21 episodes of the show. Gant plays Carter, the owner of a bar near the cat café, and the boyfriend of Randi, played by Kyla Pratt. Randi is a waitress at the cat café. Carter and Kat are friends too and have a relationship that is sometimes conflicted.

the owner of the bar next to Kat’s café and Randi’s boyfriend
In 2022, the actor is set to appear in Baselines, As They Made Us, and more.


Julian Gant has done a lot of social activism. His Instagram showcases his work for the Black Lives Matter movement and links to several sites that contribute to the cause and honor specific victims of police brutality.

The actor is also known as Julian J. Gant.

Gant has a reduced social media presence and centers his work, activism, and similar things rather than his personal life. He keeps a lot of things under wraps.

Gant has often played the bad guy in the past.

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