Joshua Orpin – Famous Actor

Who’s Joshua Orpin?

Joshua Orpin is an Australian actor who was born on April 15, 1994, in Melbourne, Australia.
He is most famously known for being the second actor to play Conner Kent/Superboy for the hit TV show Titans that aired in 2018. Joshua is also famous for starring in The Blake Mysteries: Ghost Stories from 2018 and appearing in Highest Point (2019).
Joshua is also active on his social media platforms; he currently has over 142,000 followers on his Instagram page, where he likes to post various selfies and pictures with his friends. He is also often known for posting pictures of his animals and is an outspoken animal lover.


April 15, 1994

Birth Place


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Most famous role in superhero TV series Titans

With the show Titans having aired for two seasons and having a third season greenlighted, Superboy actor Joshua Orpin has said that he read the original Marvel comic books to get into his role-playing the young Superboy more convincingly.
Joshua has said that he even went to his local comic book store asking for all the issues of Teen Titans and Superboy so he could catch up on the story and be up to date with the lore. He stated he already knew of the character Superboy beforehand, but he was most familiar with the leather jacket-wearing bad boy persona from the 1990s iteration that Karl Kesel released back in the day. Which made Joshua want to get a comprehensive understanding of the character he was going to portray and find out about his history some more. The show “Titans” is highly influenced by Geoff Johns’ work, and Joshua believes they’ve been able to portray the characters faithfully in the TV series and follow the source material as closely as possible. Although “Titans” is known for being a much darker rendition of the DC comics, Superboy still shines as the beacon of hope, and Joshua wanted to portray that.

Life before fame

Joshua first began his acting career back in 2017 after appearing in the short films Me & Karen and Dark Horses. After that, he got the chance to make his film debut in the very same year playing Axel in The Neon Spectrum.
Following these roles, Joshua was bombarded with offers from various directors and producers, which ultimately landed him his role in his now-iconic role as Superboy.

Family life and Trivia

Joshua was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia; he’s said that his childhood was that of a happy kid, and he’s been very thankful to his supportive parents who have been with him throughout this journey.
Joshua was nominated for his work on The Blake Mysteries: Ghost Stories that came out in 2018, receiving the nomination of Equity Ensemble Award in 2019.
Currently, Joshua is spending his free time as much as he can and is excited to start filming season 3 of Titans later this year.

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