Jose Ron – Famous Actor

Who is Jose Ron?

José Ron is a Mexican actor who is most famously known for his role as the protagonist in the telenovelas La Mjuer del Vendaval, as well as Muchcha Italiana Viena a Casarse, as well as La Que No Podia Amar and Juro Que Te Amo. He is also known for his supporting role in Locas de Amor, Rebelde, and many other roles in Spanish soap operas.

August 8, 1981

Birth Place

Guadalajara, Mexico

Zodiac Sign


Life before fame

After José Ron attended Televisa’s Centro de Education Artistica, he made the decision to make his television debut in Mujer de Madera.


José also has a pair of younger brothers, Julio, Daniel, and Alejandro. He grew up in Guadalajara City, Mexico. He is the child of software engineer Jose Ron Vazquez Senior.
He is also associated with Africa Zavala, with whom he shared the big screen on the popular TV series Codigo Postal. After 2011 José returned to star in another telenovela alongside fellow actress Ana Brenda Contreras, simply titled La Mujer del Vendaval. In 2014 Ron starred alongside Livia Brito in the 1971 remake of Mexican telenovela – “Muchacha Italiana Viene a casarse, which ran for an extended 176 chapters due to popular demand and critical success.

Later on, in 2015, José Ron made his cinematic debut in the film A la mala, where he starred alongside Mauricio Ochmann and Aislinn Jabez. The very same year, producer Ignacio Sada offered Ron the lead role in his upcoming telenovela “Simplemente Maria,” which is an adaptation of the 1989 telenovela. He shared the set with actors Claudia Alvarez and Ferdinando Valencia. Ron has also appeared in a couple of music videos, notably in Alex Sirvent’s “Bajemos la Guardia” (2015) and Cristian Casto’s “Simplemente tu” (2017).

Awards and nominations

José Ron has received his fair share of awards throughout his career, having been nominated for Best Young Lead Actor in the 27th TVyNovelas Awards in 2009 and subsequently winning the award in 2010 the very next year at the 28th TVyNovelas Awards. He was also nominated for Best Co-lead Actor in the 30th TVyNOvelas Awards, which he also won.
Then he also received a nomination for the best supporting actor in People en Español Awards (2012).

He’s also been nominated twice for the “What a Hottie!” and “My Favorite Protagonist” awards at the Premios Juventud awards, although he didn’t win the nomination (2014, 2016). His latest award came in 2020 when he snatched the category of Best Actor at the 38th TVyNOvelas Awards for his portrayal in the movie Ringo.

Relationship status

After his last year-long relationship with Madalina Lenniora, he decided to take some time for himself. Birthday


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