Joey Zimmerman – Famous Actor

Who is Joey Zimmerman?

Joey Zimmerman is an American actor and a musician. Joey has many stage names and is often credited under the following names Joseph Zimmerman, J. Paul Zimmerman, J.P. Zimmerman, and Joey Zimmerman.


June 10, 1986

Birth Place

Albuquerque, NM, USA

Zodiac Sign


His early life and childhood

Joey Zimmerman was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was the only child of his parents. His parents are called Kat Zimmerman (Joey’s mother – a hairdresser) and Harry Zimmerman (His father – a Los Alamos-based actor).
Joey was very interested in acting from a very young age, citing his father as a major influence on why he decided to become an actor. After seeing his dad Harry perform in various roles, it made the young Joey decide that he will also become an actor at the age of just 6. Joey would often participate in local plays at the local theatre, and whenever school had anything that had to do with acting, Joey was always there. After finishing high school, he decided to attend Trevors School of Acting and Drama that he graduated from in 2005.

Roles that Joey Zimmerman has played

Although he has more than 20 roles under his belt, the actor is most commonly known for playing on the television series 7th Heaven and in the popular Disney Channel film series titled Halloweentown.
He made his acting debut at the very early age of six when he appeared in Jack Reed’s: Badge of Honor.
Another important role that the young actor starred in early on was playing Uly Adair on the popular sci-fi series Earth 2. What’s interesting about this role is that the actor was only eight years old at the time of filming.

He has also guest-starred in That ‘70s Show, where he starred alongside the Hollywood legend and hippie era superstar Tommy Chong.
Some of his more recent roles have included appearing in the movie Halloweentown High, where he portrayed the character of Dylan Piper (2004), Dogg’s Hamlet, Cahoot’s Macbeth, where he’s credited as the director (2005), then he played Dylan Piper in the 2006 TV movie Return to Halloweentown. His very latest roles have been appearing as Stranger #2 in the 2010 American drama television series In Plain Sight, which centers around Mary Shannon, a Deputy United States Marshal attached to the Albuquerque New Mexico, office of Federal Witness Program (WITSC).
Joey’s very latest role has been in 2012’s Roswell FM, where he played Chris.
Apart from his acting talents, Joey has also had a relatively successful career as a musician, touring around the state of New Mexico, performing live concerts from time to time. Joey has said in interviews that he likes to switch it up every now and then and go from acting to singing, to vary it up some and make it more interesting. His singing voice has been praised for being deep and very harmonic.


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