James Franco – Famous Actor

Who is James Franco?

James Franco is an American actor, writer, and filmmaker famous for his role in the 2002 superhero film Spiderman.


April 19, 1978

Birth Place

Palo Alto, California

Zodiac Sign


His early life and career beginnings

James Franco is of mixed heritage and grew up in California with his parents and two younger brothers, Tom and Dave. Franco’s mother, Betsy Lou, is a children’s book author and acts film sparingly. His father, Douglas Franco, was a silicon valley entrepreneur. His two younger brothers are also actors.
Franco finished at Palo Alto High School in 1996 and attended CSSSA in 1998 for theatre studies. He got admission into the University of California, Los Angeles as an English Major but discontinued after his first year to pursue a career in acting. He also took acting lessons with Robert Carnegie at the Playhouse West.
He was a math whiz and interned at Lockhead Martin and passed his SATS. He took part in his high school play and developed an interest in theatre studies from there. In High School, they arrested Franco for drinking, graffiti, and stealing. After the judge gave him a chance, he changed his ways and turned a new leaf.

His professional career life

After undergoing training, Franco started auditioning in Los Angeles. His first paid role was in 1999 in a television commercial for Pizza Hut, followed by a leading role in the NBC television series Freaks and Geeks, which they canceled due to low viewership. After running eighteen episodes, the show would later become a hit and garnered a massive following.
He made his film debut in Never Been Kissed, followed by playing Chris in James Dean’s 2001 Tv Film. To prepare for the role, Franco learned to smoke, bleached his hair blond, and learned to play a guitar, bongos and learned how to ride a bicycle.
Franco played Harry Osborn in Spider-man, the 2002 successful superhero film. He also starred in a 2002 film Sonny, in the drama City by the Sea, where he portrayed a homeless drug addict, and in 2003 co-starred in the movie The company.
In 2004, Franco played in the sequel of Spider-man, which again was successful as the second highest-grossing film of the year. He also starred in The Ape and played in the war film Great Raid in 2005.
In 2006, Franco co-starred in Annapolis and played the hero in Tristan & Isolde. He also made appearances in several movies.
Franco played Harry Osborn in Spider-man 3 (2007). The film received so many criticisms, and despite that, it was the most successful amongst others. In the same year, Franco wrote, directed, and played in Good Time Max. In 2008, He starred in Pineapple Express. Franco also hosted the Saturday Night Live comedy show the same year.
Franco appeared on the sitcom 30 Rock in 2010 and also in City of Angels, a 2013 music video amongst others.
Franco won a Golden Globe Award for the biographical film James Dean (2001), nominations for Screen Actors Guild Awards, and Primetime Emmy Award. He also had a nomination for an Emmy Award.
He had a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy, and also, High Times Magazine Stoner of the Year Awards for Pineapple Express, and others.


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