Isaac Hempstead Wright – Famous Actor

Who is Isaac Hempstead Wright?

Isaac Hempstead Wright is an English actor who is best known for portraying Bran Stark in the show Game of Thrones, the popular fantasy series from HBO.


April 9, 1999


Surrey, England



Personal Life

Wright comes from Surrey, England. He was born to two teachers and attended grammar school in Kent. He discovered a love for acting by accident, going to drama club to avoid football. This led him to pursue to interest further at the Kent Youth Theatre at Canterbury.

In 2017, the actor entered the University of Birmingham but dropped out early for his acting. In 2019, he returned to university, this time to the University College London to study neuroscience.

Professional Life

He started acting with auditions for commercials. However, his role in Game of Thrones was truly his first break and a big break indeed.

He was cast as Bran Stark in 2011, and he stayed with the series throughout all the seasons, although he appeared as a member of the main cast in seasons 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8. He did not appear in season 5.

His performance was recognized as part of the ensemble, which received two Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations.

Bran or Brandon Stark is a member of the Stark family, the son of Eddard “Ned” Stark. He is the fourth son who dreams of becoming a knight until he sees the illicit affair between Jaime and Cersei Lannister, so Jaime throws him out of the window. He survives but is rendered paraplegic after a coma. In the books and the show, this is one of the first shocking moments that hooks the audience and sets the tone for future drama. During the coma, he is beckoned by a mysterious figure in his dreams to go North beyond the Wall. Little by little, this Stark discovers special powers and digs into the lore and the stories of the North. Bran was subject to many fan discussions and theories and played a big role in the series finale.

In 2011, Hempstead debuted in film in The Awakening. In 2013, he got a role in the thriller Closed Circuit.

In 2014, he provided his voice for the animated film The Boxtrolls and also for an episode of Family Guy, the long-running animated sitcom. In 2016, he voice acted for Revolting Rhymes.

He appeared in Exits, a music video for the band Foals. The video was shot in Budapest and had a surrealist bent.

In 2018, he was cast for The Blue Mauritius, a heist film based in Cape Town, South Africa. However, the film has remained in pre-production since.

In 2019, he was cast in Voyagers, which premiered in April of 2021.


He is a patron of the charity Humanists UK.

With several nominations, the actor has won the TiBS Scifi Award as Best Young Actor.

The actor is reportedly aiming at a Ph.D. and is using his Game of Thrones salary to further this goal. At the moment, he is studying and acting, hoping to balance both.


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